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ROCK and RUN on June 19!

Hi Friends!

As some of you may or may not know, I’m part of a non-profit organization called REPUBLIKHA, and we are PASSIONATE about empowering the next generation through music. Or to break it down further, we work with artists, musicians, educators, parenting advocates, and people from the academe and the music industry to create high-quality educational children’s music that we can distribute for FREE (together with Parent and Teachers’ Manuals too!) to public schools and community day care centers all over the Philippines. Because how awesome (and effective!) would it be to teach preschool children about lessons like counting, colors, making friends, saving money, conserving energy, and more through English and Filipino music? :)

That’s our vision, but we need help to make the vision a reality! We’re set to release our album for preschool children before the end of the year (the songs–written and performed by some of the country’s best artists like Barbie Almalbis, Julianne, The Dawn, Rivermaya, Itchyworms, Coffeebreak Island, Brigada, Lougee Basabas, DJ Benjo Marquez, Salamin, Joey Ayala, Cynthia Alexander, and a lot more–have already been tested in classrooms and are ready to be produced), but in order to do that, we need to raise the finances that are required to produce the albums and the manuals.

Thanks to our friends from JCI Manila, CANON, BROOKS, CROCS, and RED BULL (and more), we have a chance to reach our goal. ROCK and RUN is happening on June 19, Saturday, 5 pm onwards at the Bonifacio Global City, and it’s a one-of-a-kind run that will feature live bands like The Dawn, Kjwan, Taken By Cars, Brigada, Coffeebreak Island, and more, performing along the race route. How fun is that?!

And of course, the best news is that they’ve chosen REPUBLIKHA to be the beneficiary, which has been an enormous blessing for us this year. So here’s where I ask you to be a part of our exciting journey by literally RUNNING with us! (And by “us”, I mean REPUBLIKHA and friends because I’ll still be in the USA…but I’ll be running with you in spirit!!!)

If you’re interested in being a part of this event, please log on to http://rockandrun.com.ph/ to get more information, or visit RUNNR in Bonifacio High Street or select Toby’s Sports outlets (Mall of Asia, SM The Block, Trinoma, Glorietta 4, ATC). Registration fees are as follows:
a) 3km – P 450
b) 5km – P 500
c) 10km – P 550
and the registration deadline is on June 13. So go go go! :)

And if you want to learn more about RepubLIKHA, log on http://www.republikha.org/. :)

If you’ve read all the way to the end, THANK YOU! And please feel free to invite your friends to run too!

My 4 great reasons to start running!

As I said in my last post, I am in need of physical exercise. When I was younger, I was a volleyball fanatic. My neighbors would attest to the fact that I always found a way to gravitate towards a volleyball. But once I got diagnosed with rotator cuff tendinitis while playing volleyball in my sophomore year of college, I just finished up the season, and traded in my uniform for a cozy seat on the bench as the team manager. And I never really got into a sport again…which is really sad, because I know I need some exercise! So I tried badminton, I tried golf (driving, at least), I tried going to the gym, but I never really fell in love with any of those things. This month, I’ve started getting into running. This is actually quite a struggle for me, because my least favorite part of volleyball training was running. But hey, I need my cardio exercise, and I’ve found my 4 good reasons to start running, which I will share with you today!

#1: The new iPod Shuffle

I’ve been wanting an iPod Shuffle for the longest time because I cannot run without music. Thank God for untouched rewards points, because I was finally able to get the shuffle, and I think it rocks (I just wish they had colors to choose from, though, but that’s just me, being a girl. Haha)! You can put playlists, and it has a voice that tells you what playlists you have in your shuffle and the name of the song/podcast that’s currently playing. Plus it’s so tiny, I just want to bring it everywhere!

#2: My “Cardio Praise” playlist

Like I said, I can’t run without music. When I used to go to the gym, I had a “Cardio Workout” playlist that would have enough BPM (beats per minute) to motivate me to run. But nothing lifts my spirit like praise music, so I figured I would make a “Cardio Praise” playlist. I’m pretty sure this isn’t a new concept for Christian runners, but the reason why I bring this is up is because I wanted to share the songs that I put in my list. I chose them out of all the praise songs because they had the right pattern of beats that would get me moving and running with joy in my heart!

What’s currently on the list:

His Love” – Hillsong, God He Reigns
“Take it All” – Hillsong United, United We Stand
“The Time Has Come” – Hillsong United, United We Stand
“We Shine” – Fee, Passion: God of This City
“You Are Good” – Israel & New Breed
“Let God Arise” – Chris Tomlin, See the Morning
“Sing, Sing, Sing” – Chris Tomlin, Passion: God of This City
“King of Majesty” – Hillsong London, Shout God’s Fame
“My Savior Lives” – New Life Worship, My Savior Lives
“Lift My Praise Up” – Citipointe Live, Anthem of Our Heart
“Tell the World” – Hillsong United, Look to You
“Break Free” – Hillsong United, With Hearts As One
“The Freedom We Know” – Hillsong, Mighty to Save
“Solution” – Hillsong United, With Hearts As One
“I Am Free” – Desperation Band, Rooftops
“My God” – Hillsong London, Shout God’s Fame
“Alive” – Hillsong Kids, Jesus is my Superhero (okay, Camille pointed out that this sounds like an Aqua song, but I’m a Kids Church teacher and we use this for Praise Dance, so I have a special love for this song…it makes me happy!)

I’d love to hear any other suggestions! :)


I really have no excuse not to run now, because my family has officially been bitten by the running bug. This is also my way of showing my support for my brother, because they’re finally opening his new brainchild, RUNNR, a running specialty store in Bonifacio High Street. It’s on that row near TGIFriday’s and Starbucks. Because I’m really ignorant when it comes to all the terms, just read this press release!

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