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What I’m Loving This Week: Videos of Friendship, Hope, Love, and Music

1) Friends of Fate – I’m a sucker for heartwarming videos. This feature from ESPN is one of them: it’s a beautiful story of a friendship born from a divine appointment.  I can’t embed it on the blog, but to view it, just click here.

2) Liwanag by Julianne Tarroja and Back to Love by Quest – I’m all for positive and powerful music. And because this blog is all about faith, hope, and love, I knew I just had to share these two music videos that spread the same message. Awesome new stuff from two of my favorite artists:

Julianne Tarroja and her latest single, Liwanag (that means “Light”!):

QUEST and his first single, Back to Love. I posted the unofficial video a couple of months ago, but this one’s brand new:

If you like them, please show your support by requesting for their songs or videos on your friendly neighborhood radio station or music channel. Their albums are both available in most record stores in the Philippines. If you’re in the US, you can also check out Julianne’s first album, Grateful, on iTunes.

3) Brobee of Yo Gabba Gabba with ?uestlove – This is just too cool/cute. You have to watch it :)

Was there a video that caught your attention this week? Share it!

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The hottest rock band in town

Two Sundays ago, I watched a really cool band. I just had to blog about these guys, because watching them was one of the highlights of my month! They had the crowd singing and dancing…everybody had a blast!

Introducing, our Kids Church music team!

Seriously…are these not the two coolest band members you’ve ever seen?

I love seeing our future leaders in action! :)

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My Summer Soundtrack

Most friends who know me well know that I love film soundtracks. Actually, I prefer film scores–those instrumental tracks that tend to tug at your heart strings–but that’s just a random fact that has nothing to do with my post today. :)

I’m currently on the tail end of what I like to call a “faith journey” around the US, and of course, this journey wouldn’t have been complete without a soundtrack to go with it. :) In no particular order, here are the songs from my summer:

1) Get Back Up – tobyMac
2) Inhabit the Praise – Vicky Beeching
3) Skeleton Bones – John Mark McMillan
4) One Thing – Jonny Diaz
5) Listen – Josh Wilson
6) Divine Romance – Phil Wickham
7) Next Thing You Know – Matthew West
8) Thank You – 33 Miles
9) Something Beautiful (Live) – Newsboys
10) Everyone Needs A Little – Kari Jobe
11) Moving Forward – Israel Houghton
12) Endlessly – New Life Worship

Got any recommendations for me? :)

Back to Love

Lots of beautiful and inspiring people in this video from Quest, an amazingly talented songwriter and singer, and one of my favorite people in the world. :)

ROCK and RUN on June 19!

Hi Friends!

As some of you may or may not know, I’m part of a non-profit organization called REPUBLIKHA, and we are PASSIONATE about empowering the next generation through music. Or to break it down further, we work with artists, musicians, educators, parenting advocates, and people from the academe and the music industry to create high-quality educational children’s music that we can distribute for FREE (together with Parent and Teachers’ Manuals too!) to public schools and community day care centers all over the Philippines. Because how awesome (and effective!) would it be to teach preschool children about lessons like counting, colors, making friends, saving money, conserving energy, and more through English and Filipino music? :)

That’s our vision, but we need help to make the vision a reality! We’re set to release our album for preschool children before the end of the year (the songs–written and performed by some of the country’s best artists like Barbie Almalbis, Julianne, The Dawn, Rivermaya, Itchyworms, Coffeebreak Island, Brigada, Lougee Basabas, DJ Benjo Marquez, Salamin, Joey Ayala, Cynthia Alexander, and a lot more–have already been tested in classrooms and are ready to be produced), but in order to do that, we need to raise the finances that are required to produce the albums and the manuals.

Thanks to our friends from JCI Manila, CANON, BROOKS, CROCS, and RED BULL (and more), we have a chance to reach our goal. ROCK and RUN is happening on June 19, Saturday, 5 pm onwards at the Bonifacio Global City, and it’s a one-of-a-kind run that will feature live bands like The Dawn, Kjwan, Taken By Cars, Brigada, Coffeebreak Island, and more, performing along the race route. How fun is that?!

And of course, the best news is that they’ve chosen REPUBLIKHA to be the beneficiary, which has been an enormous blessing for us this year. So here’s where I ask you to be a part of our exciting journey by literally RUNNING with us! (And by “us”, I mean REPUBLIKHA and friends because I’ll still be in the USA…but I’ll be running with you in spirit!!!)

If you’re interested in being a part of this event, please log on to http://rockandrun.com.ph/ to get more information, or visit RUNNR in Bonifacio High Street or select Toby’s Sports outlets (Mall of Asia, SM The Block, Trinoma, Glorietta 4, ATC). Registration fees are as follows:
a) 3km – P 450
b) 5km – P 500
c) 10km – P 550
and the registration deadline is on June 13. So go go go! :)

And if you want to learn more about RepubLIKHA, log on http://www.republikha.org/. :)

If you’ve read all the way to the end, THANK YOU! And please feel free to invite your friends to run too!

Music will always move me.

I love watching the Grammys. It always feels larger than life to me and I always look forward to the mash-ups and collaborations. The show isn’t done yet, but so far, my favorite performance was that of Green Day with the cast of American Idiot: The Musical.

Catch the video on YouTube while you still can!

How to Love Your Life: Listen to some good music AND support a good cause while you’re at it!

I know I said I’d blog about the recent RepubLIKHA Children’s Music Fest, but I’m excitied about this event that we have coming up, so this couldn’t wait. I’d like to invite you (yes, YOU!) to come to a fundraising event for our non-profit org, REPUBLIKHA, which is being produced by the awesome people from Light It Up Productions. Not only will you get to enjoy a one-of-a-kind gig (you’ll get to watch some of the country’s coolest artists playing their hits AND some children’s songs too), but you’ll also make a contribution to our efforts to bring good quality, educational music to Filipino children. Find out more about RepubLIKHA at www.republikha.org.

Please come! It’ll surely be fun, and we’d love to see you there. :)

November 27, 2009 • Friday
Mag:Net Cafe at Bonifacio High Street

Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Philippines
(I just had to throw that in there, just in case!)
Tickets will be sold at P250 — proceeds go to RepubLIKHA

Superhero series: JOREL CORPUS

I miss one of my best buddies, Jorel (also known as the guitarist of the local rock band, Kjwan), who’s over at Boston, living it up at his dream school: Berklee College of Music. He recently put together a benefit concert for the Typhoon Ondoy victims. Check it out here:

We were already proud of Jorel way before this, but seeing this video reminds me of how much we miss him and how talented, passionate, and selfless this guy really is. We miss you Jor, see you when you get back! (Huwag ka na humirit! Haha!)

My favorite song of the month :)

tagaytayThe Way That You Love Me
by Anthony Evans

This heart breaks slowly
telling me what are you doing to me
when I pray, do what it takes
I didn’t know I’d lose everything
Everything that meant anything to me is gone
Something right has to come from this wrong

It is the hurt that breaks me
It is the pain that pulls me to my knees
And the tears, they’ve changed me
to what I couldn’t see, become so clear to me
This is the way, the way that you love me

My way, destroying me
I couldn’t see I was my worst enemy
So you took away till my soul ached
and I knew that it was no mistake
Anything that meant anything to me was gone
Something right has to come from this wrong

It is the hurt that breaks me
It is the pain that pulls me to my knees
And the tears, they’ve changed me
to what I couldn’t see, become so clear to me
This is the way, the way that you love me

You love me so much that you let me, you let me fall
knowing that I would lose it all and hear your call
You love me so much that you chase me
When I ran away you captured me
by letting me run to the end of myself
To the end of myself
And this the way you love me
The way you love me

It is the hurt that breaks me
It is the pain that pulls me to my knees
And the tears, they’ve changed me
to what I couldn’t see, become so clear to me
This is the way, the way that you love me

The way that you love me.

Okay, Disney, you’ve got my attention. :)

I got to watch this on YouTube this week and I found myself liking this catchy song. The lyrics are simple but powerful, especially for the young set. I like that they brought these tween/teen idols together to come up with a song that encourages people to make a difference. Definitely something for your children or your younger siblings/cousins/nephews/nieces!

On the iTunes music store, people have been commenting that it’s just another way for Disney to make money (although net proceeds go to charity), while some people have been blasting the artists. I don’t want to get into that. Personally, I’m just glad that these influential people made a powerful song with a positive message. Two thumbs up from me. :)