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What I’m Loving This Week: Potluck themes, games, and more links!

Another random week!

1) Potluck themes – This week, I had some of my close high school friends come over for our usual reunion. When we have potluck dinners, we’ve learned to have themes to help everybody decide what to bring. This time, we chose Asian Food, mainly because my newly married friend Jenny announced that she and her husband were going to bring Hainanese chicken. Here are the dishes our other friends brought: a california maki platter, packs of cheap-but-super-delicious siomai, and Charlie Chan’s pasta from Yellow Cab. Everything was superb! Sorry, I don’t have any photos to show this time, which is just as well, or else you’d all be starving as you look at them. :) Another theme that has worked for us in the past was the “Bring the best ______” theme. You know how everyone says, “Oh, this is the best dessert,” or “She makes the best pasta,” or “We have the best baked chicken recipe,” etc.? Well, we just asked everyone to prove it. We did this several years ago and it was one of our best dinners ever. Okay, I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!

2) Games! – I have two favorite games at the moment: the compact version of Boggle and MISMO. I like this version of Boggle, because it doesn’t take up much space, the letter cubes don’t fall out, and it comes with a built-in timer. My family and I played it last night and we had tons of fun competing with each other!

As for MISMO, it’s a must-play board game for Filipinos, especially if you were born sometime in between the 1940s-1980s. It’s been a hit with all my friends! I kind of feel bad for my neighbors, because ever since I received my own MISMO set (thanks, Mom!) we laugh out loud nonstop every time we play the game. You can read my game description and review  here.

3) Link Love!!!

  • Questions or Answers by Seth Godin – He always manages to make short blog posts that make a big impact.
  • A Day for Anonymous Commenting by Mandy Thompson – I was debating with myself whether I should share this or not because the content is pretty heavy. But reading the comments really did something to my heart. This post reminded me of several things: we’re not alone, we’re all works in progress, we all need help, we all need a Savior. If you read it, you’ll understand.
  • Beautiful Things by Lindsey Nobles – Her beautiful words captured exactly what I’ve been feeling and thinking about over the last month. So glad she wrote it.
  • California Love! by Rob Johnson – One of our pastors (and one of my favorite friends!), Rob, officiated the wedding of our friends LJ and Jimmy at Laguna Beach last month. I liked that he posted what he shared at the wedding. More great advice for the married folks!
  • Sticking to One @ Tumblr by Me! – Yes, I finally gave in and created a Tumblr page that I hope to maintain this time around (I started a Tumblr page more than a year ago, but that sort of just fell by the wayside). In case you’re wondering, it won’t take the place of this blog, it’s just going to serve as an extension of sorts. It’s called “Sticking to One” because you’ll only find one thought or one question which will link to the rest of the post here on the WordPress blog. So if you’re on Tumblr and you prefer checking your Tumblr dashboards instead of your RSS feed reader, then do follow me on Tumblr and get the excerpts and previews for my blog posts. If you did not understand a thing I just said (“Tumblr? What’s that?”), then just feel free to ignore this part! :)

* * *

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Last night was a great night. Our high school barkada (Poveda + LSGH) tries to meet up at least every other month, and last night, we decided to have dinner at Pancake House at Bonifacio High Street, then we headed over to Hobbes & Landes to bond over our new favorite board game, MISMO!


MISMO is a fun (aka ‘kwela’) board game created by a bunch of creative OFWs! Basically, each person is given 10 cards with different words, names, or phrases on it, all of them relevant to Pinoy pop culture. For example: “Bahay Kubo”, “Seiko Wallet”, “Sarsi”, “Kuya Germs”, “Wowowee”, Darna”, “John Lloyd Cruz”, and the like. There are even cards like, “Yung pinakacute dito” (the cutest person here) or “Yung mga naka-tuck in dito” (the people here with their shirts tucked in). Then the dealer for the round spins the two roulettes, and when the roulettes stop spinning, the arrows will point to two different adjectives. For instance, some possible combinations would be: “Sosyal” + “Malabo” (High class + confusing?) or “Simple” + “Makulit” (simple + persistent/annoying) or “Kagalang-galang” + “Mabaho” (respectable + smelly). Then you’ll have to choose one of your cards that you think best fits the description, then you put it facedown in the middle. The dealer shuffles all the ‘entries’, then opens each card, one by one. When all the cards are open, the dealer counts to 3 and everyone has to vote by placing their “Boto ko!” (my vote) chip on top of the card with their favorite answer.

For instance, in one of the rounds yesterday, the words that popped up were “Sosyal” and “Nakakaloko” (High class + sinister/sneaky). And I threw in the card “Yung mga naka-tuck in dito”, seeing that the only 2 people in the group with their shirts tucked in were the 2 guys who were with us. :) That cracked everyone up and I won! If you win 3 rounds–each win gets you either a “Mis”, “mo”, or “!” chip– you win the game.

Trying to describe the game isn’t as fun as actually playing it…so I say, just go and check it out! :)