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Back on the blog and what I’m loving this week…

I’m back from my blogging hiatus! First up, I want to thank the awesome guest bloggers who have helped me out these past two weeks. In case you missed their posts, here’s another rundown:

I really appreciate these people!

In other news, I just returned from an awesome trip to China. It was another one of those faith journeys where I was stretched outside of my comfort zone. And I’m glad I went, because I was blessed with great experiences and wonderful new friends.

A lot of things happened and I can’t get into detail at the moment, but here’s what I will say:

1) God is so good.
2) He answers prayers.
3) His grace is sufficient.
4) I am able to do more when I am not focused on my own problems and desires.
5) Love never fails. (1 corinthians 13:8)

That was just a random selection of thoughts from this past week. :)

I’ll need some time to get back into writing mode, but in the meantime, let me share some good stuff I found on the ‘net, now that I’m back online:

1) M.A.P.S.: The 4 Pillars of Creative Job Fulfillment by Jason Theodor @ the99percent.com – Good and practical career advice.

2) Ambition: Right or Wrong? by Brad Lomenick – Do you wonder if you’re too driven or you’re dreaming too much? Here are some good insights that’ll keep you in check.

3) Bowlin’ with Chris Tomlin – I wish I was at Catalyst Atlanta this weekend, but at least I can still enjoy the crazy videos from Catalyst hosts Tripp Crosby and Tyler Stanton. Here’s the first one they uploaded. Best appreciated if you know these names: John Maxwell, Francis Chan, Reggie Joiner, Mark Driscoll, Steven Furtick, and Aaron Keyes.

4) Love and Listen First by Sarah Markley – She hit the nail on the head. I want to be a better listener.

Ahhhh. Time to get rest and be refreshed. Happy weekend, everyone. :)