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Why I love kids

Kids always say the craziest and funniest things. I love it! :)

Once a month, I volunteer for Kids Church at my home church, Victory Fort Bonifacio. It’s  always one of the highlights of my month because I have lots of fun working with our passionate team and I love seeing the kids.

Yesterday at the Kids Church service, Gary Quizon, our preacher for the day (who consistently does an awesome job!), asked the kids to name Asian countries that started with certain letters.

Gary: “Give me a country in Asia that starts with the letter C!”
Kid #1: “KOREA!!!!”


Gary: “Give me a country in Asia that starts with the letter V!”
Kid #2: “VICTORY!!!!!”

Don’t you just love these kids? :)

* * *

Speaking of kids that I love, my nephews are growing up so fast! Here they are, the boys who always make me smile:

What (or who) made YOU smile over the weekend?

The hottest rock band in town

Two Sundays ago, I watched a really cool band. I just had to blog about these guys, because watching them was one of the highlights of my month! They had the crowd singing and dancing…everybody had a blast!

Introducing, our Kids Church music team!

Seriously…are these not the two coolest band members you’ve ever seen?

I love seeing our future leaders in action! :)

* * *

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