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Practicing Leadership, Integrity, Faith, and Excellence at Work

The other day, I blogged about practicing what we preach. And if you missed it, I highlighted the importance of walking and working with other people. (If you want the breakdown, you can read the post here)

With that in mind, I want to share a resource with you that I recently discovered, which I think is incredibly helpful and insightful: a website called

I think it’s still in its early stage, but if you go there now, you can already view a number of posts from their regular bloggers David Bonifacio (who I have trouble to keeping up with…last I checked, he’s a businessman who’s also involved with Habitat for Humanity and Real Life Foundation), Walden Chu (president of The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in the Philippines), and Ganns Deen (blogger, songwriter, and communications/social media expert), among others. These men are great writers and they have such good insights, that I love reading what they have to say.

I don’t know about you, but I often wish that I had more mentors in my life, or at least more time with the ones I’m currently blessed to have. But to be practical, time is such a rare commodity nowadays, so it’s difficult to find schedules that work together. That’s why I like reading articles, blogs, and books, because I feel like I get to learn from some mentors that I can meet with during a time that works for me.

Here’s a video that highlights what LIFE BIZ is all about:

Who are your favorite blogger-mentors (or should I say mentor-bloggers)?

* * *

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What I’m Loving This Week (Blog-hopping & Extra-special delivery!)

I wanted to share with you some blog posts I enjoyed reading over the past week:

1) Your To-Do List as a Personal Command Center by Michael Hyatt – loved the practical tips. For someone who tends to procrastinate, I could use all the help I can get. Not everything will work for every person, but it’s always nice to pick up some fresh ideas on how to work more effectively.

2) Top Books Every Young Influencer / Leader Should Read by Daniel Decker – More books to add to my wish list! I’ve read some of these and I agree that they’re must-reads. Special mention: Made to Stick by Chip & Dan Heath. Great book.

3) 18 Great Reads that Changed My Life by Marc @ Marc & Angel Hack Life – While I’m not a fan of all his picks, I discovered some great articles through this blog post.

4) This Too Shall Pass by Owl City aka Adam Young – an informative and entertaining piece of writing (I love the ending!) on kidney stones from the guy who brought us the cool and catchy song, “Fireflies“.

and last but not the least:

5) Learnings from my 30’s I wish I would have known in my 20’s by Brad Lomenick – This was a  great post. #1—I can totally relate.

* * *

In other news, I’m taking a step of faith and applying to grad school. I’m prone to second-guessing and worrying, but today I felt reassured that my grad school application’s going to get to where it needs to be and I was reminded that my future’s always going to be in good hands. :) Look who received the package and payment for delivery:

Awesome. :)

* * *

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Back to blogland with some great links for blog-hopping.

If you have been following this blog, you may have noticed that I have been very delinquent when it comes to posting. Of course, I have a ton of excuses, none of which I am posting, because at the end of the day, I know I just really need to make time to post! I think I’ll go back to a 30-day blog challenge or I’ll do a 3-posts-a-week challenge to boost my blogging again.

And speaking of boosting, I’m going to kick it off with a simple list of great links, because I haven’t posted one in a while. What can I say, I like to share! Different topics for different folks….enjoy!

1) FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT – Adorable advice from a 4-year old’s perspective over here at Steven Furtick’s blog. A must-watch for those who need to learn a simple and easy way to budget, save, AND honor God at the same time.

2) ENJOYING LIFE & KEEPING THINGS SIMPLE – A really nice and beautiful post by Myra Watkins: — It put a smile on my face and brightened up my day.

3) PARENTING & INFLUENCING YOUR FAMILY – Some great thoughts from Reggie Joiner, by way of Michael Hyatt’s blog: — I don’t have a family of my own yet, but it doesn’t hurt to learn more about being a godly wife and mother in the future!

4) METAPHORICAL READING, MARKETING & THE MUSIC INDUSTRY – An insightful blog post from music marketing guru, Derek Sivers. His blog is a must-read for all people who want to make music for a living. Having come from different jobs that immersed me in media, marketing, and the music industry (and also from being around musicians a lot), I’m a huge advocate of taking into account marketing principles when it comes to making and selling music. I believe that musicians (and all artists, for that matter) can be true to themselves while being wise and strategic with their careers. Artists don’t have to die for their art. Really…please don’t.

Okay, that’s it for now from me! Random selection, right? Well, if you know me, you know I love randomness. :) Here’s what to expect this week from my blog:

1) RepubLIKHA’s 1st Children’s Music Fest – photos from the event, highlights, and more

2) I’ll be reviewing a new book. I’m thinking if I should go with Seaside Letters, a Christian chick-lit book (oh yes, they have those too!) or Find Your Strongest Life by strengths guru Marcus Buckingham. Either way, I’ll review both this month :) By the way, in case you were wondering, the winner of my A Million Miles in a Thousand Years book giveaway was Terri Tan. Congrats Terri! I sent her the book a couple of weeks ago. I hope she’s liking it!

3) Photography class – should you take one or not? I’m taking my first-ever class now, and I’ll tell you more about it. For now, I’ll tell you, I’m loving it. :)

Eureka! That’s it! From now until the end of the year, I’ll be going with a theme: HOW TO LOVE YOUR LIFE. :)

Now I’m excited. :) See you back here soon!

Philippines in a STATE OF CALAMITY.

There are so many people that need help in our country right now, I don’t know where to start. I’ve been gathering clothes to donate, then stopping to post updates. If it’s possible and safe, I wish I could leave the house and physically do something to help, but before I do that, I just want to get the word out there. In case you haven’t heard of what is happening in the Philippines, do check these out:

News, photos, and videos here:

More here from ABS CBN News:

CNN report:

BBC report:

It broke the record for the largest amount of rainfall ever to hit Metro Manila. Reports say we experienced one month’s worth of rain in just 6 hours. That was yesterday.

Today, it’s still raining, and while thousands have already been rescued (last count was 5,146), thousands are still waiting to be rescued, stranded on their rooftops or in the second or third floors of their homes or buildings. Even if they are safe, they lack food and have been freezing, due to being engulfed by winds and rain since yesterday morning. Some of the areas are still unreachable because the floods have not entirely subsided, and the sad part about it is that these areas are spread out across Metro Manila, not just concentrated in one area. And to make things worse, the sun is about to set in around an hour, making it more difficult for rescue operations to navigate the affected locations.

Evacuation centers and hospitals are filled, and they badly need bottled water, food, and supplies, among others. As of last night, some places (even hospitals) did not have electricity and their ground floors were already flooded. Some streets and highways are still clogged up, making it difficult for rescue operations to go through. The mobile phone lines are erratic, and by now, the phone batteries of those stranded have run out, making it impossible to communicate with them at the moment.

I still haven’t heard from my friend, Abby. Her parents live in Cainta, and I know she’s been staying at their place the last couple of days. Cainta is one of the areas most badly hit by Typhoon Ondoy/Kestana. Another friend, Bridel, is unreachable too. Her family home is in one of the villages hit in Pasig. Across Metro Manila, in Del Monte, Quezon City, my uncle (my mom’s brother) and his family were stranded on the roof of their home. Last we heard from them was yesterday. As the hours go by, I get more reports of missing friends. Two of my former co-workers at MTV are in trouble: one is stranded with her family in Cainta, and another one still can’t be reached. Another friend, Acel, is stranded with her husband and their 1 y.o. baby who now has a fever. (Update as of 10 pm: Bridel and her family are stranded in 2nd floor of their home and badly need edible/cooked food. I heard that Abby and her family are at her neighbors’ house, but they are still unreachable. My uncle and his family were able to get to dry land via a makeshift raft. Right now, I’m grateful that they’re all safe and alive.)

I just got a text message that the people (houseparents + kids) at the Jesus Loves the Little Children Foundation in Pinagbuhatan in Pasig City are safe but stranded in the second floor of the school building next door to their home that was just recently finished. Praise God for that! Unfortunately, they’re going to need help soon; I don’t know how long they can last without food. There are a lot of kids there, and I’m sure a lot of others from the community have taken refuge in the building. These people are very special to me, and my heart is breaking at this news. From Pastor Rachel Sanchez of Jesus Loves the Little Children (she and Bishop Chito live near the center):

“Flood and high waters everywhere specially in Pinagbuhatan. We cant go to the home. We’re trapped inside our houses. Children and staff at the orphanage are safe. They are in the 2nd floor of building. Literally, building is their noah’s ark. Praise God the construction is so timely. Community houses are gone. Bishop walked in waist deep water to get to church. No power and houseparents could not go anywhere to buy food, everything is submerged. Praise God we are safe! Many died. Many are missing too. Need food and toiletries for kids. Not passable for vehicles. We need help asap.”

Weather reports say that the rain will continue pouring all day. Let’s pray that the situation doesn’t get worse. Lives still need to be saved, people need to be clothed and fed, and after all this, thousands of lives need to be rebuilt. People lost their homes, cars, and everything they owned. Some have lost family members as well. According to this report from the Red Cross, 96,138 people have been affected.

If you live in Metro Manila and you’d like to help, there are many ways to do so. Right now, all evacuation centers and hospitals need bottled water, food, clothes, blankets, and milk for children. I can imagine they also need medicines, medical supplies, rubber boats and life vests, and even things like cellphone chargers and prepaid load to help them communicate. Facebook and Twitter are flooded with options of venues to send donations; you’re sure to find one in an area near you. Here’s another resource to check out that lists down a list of places where you can drop off relief goods: I am also updating a list of helpful links to websites with comprehensive information at the end of this post. For most of these places, volunteers are also needed in these areas to help pack and distribute food and emergency supplies.

If you’re in the Philippines and you’d like to donate quickly and easily, you can donate to the Philippine Red Cross Flood Rescue Operations by sending a text message: type RED<space>AMOUNT and send to 2899 (Globe) or 4483 (Smart). To those who live in Canada and the US who wish to help in the rescue and relief operations, I’m not sure, but I think you may donate through the American Red Cross. Call 1-800-435-7669 (just got this info from Facebook and Twitter). You can also donate via the Canadian Red Cross here: For those who would like to remit their $ for donation, please remit to ABS-CBN Foundation, Inc. Account # 5630020111 or coordinate with ABS-CBN Foundation if you’re in the U.S. at 1-800-5272820. More info on how to donate to the Philippine Red Cross here: You can also donate through our church here: We have ongoing relief efforts coming out of all our churches all over Metro Manila.

Understandably, we are all overwhelmed, and it’s difficult to decide where to start. I hope, after reading this, you’ll have an idea of what you can do to help. Even if it’s just spreading the word to people who would be able to offer goods or assistance, please do it, because every little thing we can do right now will count.

Most of all, do keep our country in your prayers. 2 Corinthians 1:4 says that “He comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others.” If you’re reading this now, let’s thank and praise God for keeping us safe, but let’s also do whatever we can to help rescue, heal, and rebuild our nation. Let’s spread the blessings and love to those who need them the most right now.

* * *

More useful links here (I’ll be updating this list):

* * *

UPDATE as of September 28. 12:48 AM:

From Rachel Sanchez of the Jesus Loves the Little Children Foundation:

“Hi liz. The children are ok. They are in the second floor of the new building. The water is still waist deep. We bring food to them daily. The roads are not passable, only rafts and boats.”

“Donations of canned goods, noodles, rice, milk, medicines, and toiletries for the orphanage and community are being accepted at the River of God church located at lower level east lane, Robinsons Galleria mall, Ortigas, next to LTO and Ryan Cayabyab’s music school. Tel #4701439.”

“Monetary support for Jesus Loves the Little Children can be sent to these accounts:
Direct Deposit – Peso Account
Account Name: Jesus Loves the Little Children Foundation, Inc.
Account No.: 6791001283
Bank: BPI Family Bank – Ortigas Branch, Emerald Ave., Ortigas Center, Pasig City 1600 Philippines

Direct Deposit – US Dollar Account
Account Name: Jesus Loves the Little Children Foundation, Inc.
Account No.: 398929500013

Bank: Philippine National Bank, JMT Bldg., ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City 1600 Philippines”

(You can verify that these are the real account numbers here:

According to her, they estimate that it could take 1 month for the water to recede :(

We love these kids. I’m so thankful that they’re safe.

We love these kids. I'm thankful that they're all safe right now.

Internet randomness: Facebook movie + Big universe + Alaskan Cruise

Stuff I found on the internet this past week:

1) Facebook on the big screen…hmmm.

Are they serious? I came across this article and this video interview with producer Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing, A Few Good Men), where he talks about why he took on the project. And I quote, “If you ask me why I said yes, I’m not sure I can give you a clear answer, but it’s the fastest I’ve ever said yes to anything.”

Now I’m intrigued. Comment • Like?

2) It’s a big, big universe.

I wish space travel was available already. In the meantime, someone posted this on Twitter; can’t remember who it was. Not entirely sure if this is fully accurate, but it’s kind of mind-blowing! Check it out.

3) Nature + Worship music = ♥

I have intense love for trees, rivers, lakes, and mountains. And particularly, the ones I see in the US or Europe (mostly, through the movies!). While I love the Philippines and its climate, tropical plants and landscapes don’t have the same effect on me. As such, I’ve been missing Central Park, Golden Gate Park, and all those lakes and giant trees an awful lot these days.

I mention this small tidbit of info because I came across this video yesterday, and my jaw dropped. Nature + worship music is such a killer combination for me. I’d love to go on this cruise!

Looking forward to more interesting finds this week! :)

Blog-hopping time!

I read a lot of good blog posts lately, so today, I’m taking a break from blogging to share these treasures from other bloggers. If you’re looking for some insightful and life-changing stuff to read, check these blogs out:

For parents: Wonderful insights about parenting teens from Bernard Marquez, mind mapping trainer and pastor. –

For women: My friend Sam posted something she read from author and songwriter Claire Cloninger –

For everyone (especially the married folks!): Michael Hyatt, Thomas Nelson CEO, writes another winner. A must-read! –

Hope you like ’em :)

Update / 30-day blog challenge warm-up!

This month has been a busy month…in a good way!

I’ll be teaching/coaching for the first time today at the University of Makati together with the other LIFE teachers/coaches. I’m looking forward to this! I also started a new women’s small group with old friends and new friends that meets on Tuesday nights.

Busy, busy! So I haven’t been able to blog properly. Maybe I’ll do the 30-day blog challenge (I was inspired by my friends and former co-workers at Summit Media, Mariel Chua and Alvin Jimenez). I’ll start on August 1 :) Want to join me?

In the meantime, I just posted a blog on the RepubLIKHA artist workshops in the RepubLIKHA site. Check it out!

Have a happy Thursday!

Four websites to read through

If you’re looking for new places to visit on the Web, here are some sites that I’d recommend. Why only 4? Because I couldn’t come up with 5. :D


I’ve been a Michael Hyatt fan since I’ve started reading his blog 2 months ago. He’s smart and witty, his writing is simple, informative, and straight-to-the-point, and he’s the CEO of one of my favorite publishing houses, Thomas Nelson Publishing (the company that gave us the books by Billy Graham, John Eldredge, Stasi Eldredge, Max Lucado, John Maxwell, and more). They’ve got good taste!

His site is a goldmine of great articles and references for writers, speakers, communicators, and leaders, in general. And he’s really generous when it comes to sharing his resources and tips! I’ve learned a lot from him and I’ve bookmarked dozens of his posts. Check out two of his latest posts: The One Thing You Need to Create WOW Experiences and 6 Steps to More Courage.

2) SPOT.PH has been around for a while, but the editorial direction was recently taken over by my friend and one of my publishing mentors, Myrza Sison. I like their “50 Things to Do in Manila” list. Gave me new ideas! Lots of good stuff in there, especially if you’re looking for good restaurants to check out.


Just started reading this today. Seth Godin is a marketing expert and author of the best-selling books Tribes, Purple Cow, and Permission Marketing, among others. For those who haven’t read his books (like me), reading his blog is a good start. :)


A great resource site for speakers and presenters….

…which I really need to browse through right now as I prepare for a couple of upcoming talks. :) Happy browsing!

RepubLIKHA on Philippine Star SUPREME (the actual article)

I forgot to post the article. Whoops! Anyway, here it is, finally. :) The online version:

More blog posts from me.

I was thinking of transferring some of my longer posts from my other blogs, so I started reposting some of them (mostly those that I blogged for Victory’s One Life to Live series), one by one. You can find some of them down below…I reposted them on the original days that I wrote them. You can also click on the “Reposted favorites” category on the sidebar to view all of them. :)