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What I’m Loving this Week: Blogs, Books, Music

1) A high-level leadership question by Steven Furtick – In this blog post, Furtick presents “a simple, high-level leadership question you can ask every day that could significantly enhance the way you lead.” He hit the nail on the head. Great advice.

2) Before You Make a Career Change by Maurilio Amorim – Because I went through a drastic career change (and some other smaller changes along the way), I totally agree with the points that he wrote. I especially like the last point. Good stuff!

3) The Hiding Weaver of Evidence by Emily Freeman on (In)courage – A beautiful post with beautiful photos. :)

4) – I love free music! So much to choose from, and all you need to do is provide your email address. So far, they haven’t spammed me, so I’m a happy trader.

5) The OMF Lit Pre-Christmas Sale – One of my favorite times of the year! I love these OMF sales–they give big discounts on great books. One year, I helped my friend finish his Christmas shopping in the 2 hours we spent in the Boni outlet. Some of the books that I’ve read and liked recently that are included in the 30% introductory offer include Dug Down Deep by Joshua Harris and 10 Best Decisions a Woman Can Make by Pam Farrel.

What are you loving this week?

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What I’m Loving this Week: Learning Resources

I am currently overloaded with free learning materials. Thank God for generous people on the internet. Let me share some of the great resources I’ve come across lately:

1) Leadership and Influence Summit – 36 video talks that you can watch for free at your own time (before November 15). The speaker lineup includes Chris Brogan, Jon Acuff, Keith Ferrazzi, Erwin McManus, Mark Sanborn, Tim Elmore, Charlene Li, and a bunch of other great leaders. Some of the topics include The Power of Story, Planning for Success, the Ziglar Way, the E-Myth, Social Nation, Communicate to Lead, Generation iY, etc. Need I go on? Great stuff.

2) Tools and Resources from Generation iY / – Author Tim Elmore came up with a book that I’ve been wanting to read called Generation iY. Until I get my hands on that book, I’ve been devouring all the informative and useful articles on their website–treasures for a teacher like me. If you’re a parent, educator, youth worker, employer, or anyone who interacts with young people on a regular basis, these resources will come in handy.

3) The Leader as Lifelong Learner, a guest post by Daniel Offer at Michael Hyatt‘s blog – This post reminds me of the entry that I wrote a couple of weeks ago, Do all leaders really have to be readers?In this blog post, Offer offers (I couldn’t resist) a strong argument in favor of reading books. As a book-lover myself, I couldn’t agree more. He gives some great strategies for those who struggle with reading.

Let me know if these resources helped you!

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What I’m Loving This Week: GREAT VIDEOS (and more blog posts!)

This week has been all about videos! I’ve got more awesome stuff to share with you:

1) LeBron’s Nike commercial – One of the most creative commercials I’ve seen this year. I came across this by way of Carlos Whittaker’s blog–the comments section on his blog post alone is worth spending time on. Lots of great insights. In my opinion, what makes this commercial great is that it causes the viewer to really think. It’s controversial, clever, and thought-provoking all at the same time.

2) A movie trailer proposal – Came across this through a tweet by Bryan Allain. More than the video (although it was good, too), I really liked the blog post that tells the story behind the couple’s relationship. Awesome stuff.

3) Dog says grace – I LOVED THIS. Just watch it. Oh, and you must read the story behind it too!

I love this dog!

Meanwhile, I couldn’t resist leaving out some of the thought-provoking blog posts I read this week, so here they are, in case you’d like to check them out:

That’s all for the week, friends! Do you have any goodies to share? Please feel free to drop a note in the comments below. In the meantime, have a happy weekend!

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Lots of letters and one beautiful love story

I’ve been discovering a lot of great videos lately. I came across this one through Sam’s blog. I finally took the time to watch it and I’m glad I did. It’s time to take out the tissues!

Danny & Annie from StoryCorps on Vimeo.

Your love is better than life. (Psalm 63:3)

The view from home / 10.23.10 / 2:58 pm

What I’m Loving This Week: You might want to take down some notes!

Here are some blog posts I loved this week:

1) Creating a Great Experience by Brad Lomenick @ Collide Magazine Brad Lomenick is the head of Catalyst, one of the most dynamic and creative movements I’ve ever encountered. Their events are truly excellent, enough to rival an MTV awards show. Well, they don’t spend as much on stage design and they don’t have people showing up with outrageous costumes–or do they? Nevertheless, Brad and his team know what they’re talking about.

2) THE W.A.L.L. by Paolo Punzalan – My pastor shares simple, practical communication advice for married couples (c/o Joey and Marie Bonifacio). But since it’s about communication, it can really be applied by everybody.

3) Saturation Point by Steven Furtick – Important insights on learning and sharing.

4) Do Something Different…and Grow by Dan T. Cathy – A nice & simple post on work-life balance.

5) Stupid Stuff Christian Men Should Never Say on a Date by KelcieKay Sberna – This was hilarious! Although this should serve as a warning for all men…Christian or otherwise!

6) Weapons of Choice: Part One @ Collide Magazine – Aha! This answered my Tell Me Thursday question last week. Lots of recommendations for apps and other productivity tools.

What did you love this week?

Do all leaders really have to be readers?

There is a famous phrase that says “Leaders are readers.” I can’t verify if this has been consistently true throughout history, but on a personal level, I do know this for sure: reading helps me learn better, and learning helps me lead better.

Personally, I prefer reading books. I can go on and on about books, and those of you who have followed this blog long enough know this to be true. I always love giving books to people when my resources allow me to do so, but what I’ve learned throughout the years is that not everyone likes to read books.

“I tried,” says a friend, “but I really can’t sit still and read.” And that explains why I’ve seen some of the books I’ve given to people gathering dust on their bookshelves.

So what’s a non-reader to do? Do all leaders really have to be readers?

My answer is no. At least not everyone has to be a consistent book reader. Here are my 5 tips on how to learn and grow as a leader if you’re not into being a reader:

1) Opt for audiobooks. Do you feel left out when your friends talk about a book? More often than not, that book has an audio version. You can listen to it while you’re exercising, running errands, or while you’re stuck in transit. Yes, there are better things to do other than daydreaming!

2) Subscribe to podcasts or iTunes U. Podcasts are great options for those who want variety and don’t want to spend a single cent. You can find podcasts about everything under the sun, and just like audiobooks, you can enjoy them while you’re occupied with other tasks. Not a lot of people take advantage of iTunes U, but if you find it in your iTunes Music Store, do take the time to look around. There are some wonderful talks and lectures to be found if you spend some time digging. Podcasts and iTunes U tracks are all available for free.

3) Stick with the short stuff. Some people think they can never be readers because they can’t sit still long enough to read a whole book on just one topic. But nowadays, you can opt for lighter reading fare. Read blogs! You can read about a variety of stuff, and some blogs come with videos and pictures that will cater to your other learning needs.

4) Make listening appointments. Maybe you don’t like reading, but you have friends who devour books like potato chips. Chances are, they would love to talk about the books they just read, so I suggest asking them to fill you in on what they’ve learned. All you need is some time, a couple of focused ears, and an open mind. Paper and pen: optional.

5) Keep things bite-sized. As much as you try to avoid it, there may come a time when you’ll come across a book that you know you really want/need to read. Take the Bible, for instance. Reading the Bible is different from just hearing the Bible. When I read the Bible, I find myself having to read through a passage over and over to really ‘chew’ on it and let it sink in. If I were just listening to it, it would be too much trouble to keep having to go back to hear the same thing over and over again. Plus you can’t highlight an mp3! In cases like this, here’s my tip: just chop it up. When I started reading the Bible, I committed to reading one chapter a day. Nowadays, I’ve found that my time in the Word has been even deeper and richer when I just stick to reading 3 to 5 verses at a time and really taking the time to think them over. I’d like to think that reading 3 to 5 sentences a day is manageable for everybody. So whether you’re taking on the Bible or a book on business, you can do it! :)

One of my favorite definitions of success is from author and leadership expert John Maxwell. One portion of his definition says that success means “growing to your maximum potential.” If you look closely, that’s different from “maximizing your potential.” We can’t maximize our potential every day of our lives unless we plan on burning out quickly, but growth is something that can happen daily. Besides, we don’t even know what our “maximum potential” really is. The best we can do is to keep growing–and to keep growing, it’s always good to keep learning.

What are other ways that you learn? How do you make learning fun?

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What I’m Loving This Week: More Power Thoughts

Here are some links that I liked this week (plus stay tuned for a free download at the end of this post!):

1) Catalyst East 2010 Conference: Lessons, Observations, and Highlights by Samantha Johnson – I really wanted to be at the Catalyst conference at Atlanta last week, but I’m happy that my friends Sam and Rob were there to experience it. Sam did a great job of sharing some of the highlights and notable quotes from the sessions, so I loved reading her update.

2) The Purpose of a Partner by Dan Cathy “The truth is that the best projects, the biggest companies and the greatest accomplishments are not born out of miraculous efforts of one, but out of partnerships.” –good reminder!

3) A Minute of Praise by Holly Furtick “We all respond better to praise over correction.”--so true, and yet we often forget this.

4) Architects as a Listening Community by Mel McGowan @ Visioneering Studios – From the first moment that I stepped into the Mariners Church campus in Irvine, California, I was captivated by its architecture and planning. It was during a Mariners campus tour that I first met Mel McGowan and learned about Visioneering Studios. I like how they approach architecture and design–how there’s so much thought and heart put into it. While I am not an architect, reading this post reminded me of how I want to work as a writer.

5) Lastly, I really love this quote from Bishop T.D. Jakes. I loved it so much that I made a desktop wallpaper out of it, and I thought I’d share it with you today. To download the large version (1280 x 800), just click on the photo below, then right click on it to save it to your computer.

What captured your heart this week? Do share!

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Back on the blog and what I’m loving this week…

I’m back from my blogging hiatus! First up, I want to thank the awesome guest bloggers who have helped me out these past two weeks. In case you missed their posts, here’s another rundown:

I really appreciate these people!

In other news, I just returned from an awesome trip to China. It was another one of those faith journeys where I was stretched outside of my comfort zone. And I’m glad I went, because I was blessed with great experiences and wonderful new friends.

A lot of things happened and I can’t get into detail at the moment, but here’s what I will say:

1) God is so good.
2) He answers prayers.
3) His grace is sufficient.
4) I am able to do more when I am not focused on my own problems and desires.
5) Love never fails. (1 corinthians 13:8)

That was just a random selection of thoughts from this past week. :)

I’ll need some time to get back into writing mode, but in the meantime, let me share some good stuff I found on the ‘net, now that I’m back online:

1) M.A.P.S.: The 4 Pillars of Creative Job Fulfillment by Jason Theodor @ – Good and practical career advice.

2) Ambition: Right or Wrong? by Brad Lomenick – Do you wonder if you’re too driven or you’re dreaming too much? Here are some good insights that’ll keep you in check.

3) Bowlin’ with Chris Tomlin – I wish I was at Catalyst Atlanta this weekend, but at least I can still enjoy the crazy videos from Catalyst hosts Tripp Crosby and Tyler Stanton. Here’s the first one they uploaded. Best appreciated if you know these names: John Maxwell, Francis Chan, Reggie Joiner, Mark Driscoll, Steven Furtick, and Aaron Keyes.

4) Love and Listen First by Sarah Markley – She hit the nail on the head. I want to be a better listener.

Ahhhh. Time to get rest and be refreshed. Happy weekend, everyone. :)

What I’m Loving This Week: Potluck themes, games, and more links!

Another random week!

1) Potluck themes – This week, I had some of my close high school friends come over for our usual reunion. When we have potluck dinners, we’ve learned to have themes to help everybody decide what to bring. This time, we chose Asian Food, mainly because my newly married friend Jenny announced that she and her husband were going to bring Hainanese chicken. Here are the dishes our other friends brought: a california maki platter, packs of cheap-but-super-delicious siomai, and Charlie Chan’s pasta from Yellow Cab. Everything was superb! Sorry, I don’t have any photos to show this time, which is just as well, or else you’d all be starving as you look at them. :) Another theme that has worked for us in the past was the “Bring the best ______” theme. You know how everyone says, “Oh, this is the best dessert,” or “She makes the best pasta,” or “We have the best baked chicken recipe,” etc.? Well, we just asked everyone to prove it. We did this several years ago and it was one of our best dinners ever. Okay, I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!

2) Games! – I have two favorite games at the moment: the compact version of Boggle and MISMO. I like this version of Boggle, because it doesn’t take up much space, the letter cubes don’t fall out, and it comes with a built-in timer. My family and I played it last night and we had tons of fun competing with each other!

As for MISMO, it’s a must-play board game for Filipinos, especially if you were born sometime in between the 1940s-1980s. It’s been a hit with all my friends! I kind of feel bad for my neighbors, because ever since I received my own MISMO set (thanks, Mom!) we laugh out loud nonstop every time we play the game. You can read my game description and review  here.

3) Link Love!!!

  • Questions or Answers by Seth Godin – He always manages to make short blog posts that make a big impact.
  • A Day for Anonymous Commenting by Mandy Thompson – I was debating with myself whether I should share this or not because the content is pretty heavy. But reading the comments really did something to my heart. This post reminded me of several things: we’re not alone, we’re all works in progress, we all need help, we all need a Savior. If you read it, you’ll understand.
  • Beautiful Things by Lindsey Nobles – Her beautiful words captured exactly what I’ve been feeling and thinking about over the last month. So glad she wrote it.
  • California Love! by Rob Johnson – One of our pastors (and one of my favorite friends!), Rob, officiated the wedding of our friends LJ and Jimmy at Laguna Beach last month. I liked that he posted what he shared at the wedding. More great advice for the married folks!
  • Sticking to One @ Tumblr by Me! – Yes, I finally gave in and created a Tumblr page that I hope to maintain this time around (I started a Tumblr page more than a year ago, but that sort of just fell by the wayside). In case you’re wondering, it won’t take the place of this blog, it’s just going to serve as an extension of sorts. It’s called “Sticking to One” because you’ll only find one thought or one question which will link to the rest of the post here on the WordPress blog. So if you’re on Tumblr and you prefer checking your Tumblr dashboards instead of your RSS feed reader, then do follow me on Tumblr and get the excerpts and previews for my blog posts. If you did not understand a thing I just said (“Tumblr? What’s that?”), then just feel free to ignore this part! :)

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