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Do you know someone in this photo?

I came across an old photo (or in this case, a collection of photos) and I thought that this would be a good time to jump in on a Tumblr tradition: GPOYW a.k.a. Gratuitous Picture Of Yourself Wednesday (it’s still Wednesday as I write and post this!)

So without further ado, here it is:

Can you spot me? Here’s a clue: I looked really uncomfortable (somebody didn’t like her outfit)!

I tried to connect this discovery to something deep and profound, and maybe even spiritual…but then I gave up. Haha. I just found this collection of photos cute and funny, so I thought I’d share it. Very 1980’s!

It’s a crazy long shot, but if you actually know someone in this picture (or YOU are in this picture), do let me know because that would be so AWESOME. :)

What I’m Loving This Week: GREAT VIDEOS (and more blog posts!)

This week has been all about videos! I’ve got more awesome stuff to share with you:

1) LeBron’s Nike commercial – One of the most creative commercials I’ve seen this year. I came across this by way of Carlos Whittaker’s blog–the comments section on his blog post alone is worth spending time on. Lots of great insights. In my opinion, what makes this commercial great is that it causes the viewer to really think. It’s controversial, clever, and thought-provoking all at the same time.

2) A movie trailer proposal – Came across this through a tweet by Bryan Allain. More than the video (although it was good, too), I really liked the blog post that tells the story behind the couple’s relationship. Awesome stuff.

3) Dog says grace – I LOVED THIS. Just watch it. Oh, and you must read the story behind it too!

I love this dog!

Meanwhile, I couldn’t resist leaving out some of the thought-provoking blog posts I read this week, so here they are, in case you’d like to check them out:

That’s all for the week, friends! Do you have any goodies to share? Please feel free to drop a note in the comments below. In the meantime, have a happy weekend!

* * *

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Lots of letters and one beautiful love story

I’ve been discovering a lot of great videos lately. I came across this one through Sam’s blog. I finally took the time to watch it and I’m glad I did. It’s time to take out the tissues!

Danny & Annie from StoryCorps on Vimeo.

Your love is better than life. (Psalm 63:3)

The view from home / 10.23.10 / 2:58 pm

What we want to do/will do/should do/must do!

My friends and I put together a small and intimate women’s event yesterday called SPARK!

During the event, SPARK! creator Carisse Escueta asked us to fill up a SPARK! List. Similar to a bucket list, the SPARK! List was all about filling up the blanks:

“I want  ______________”

“I will  _______________”

“I should _____________”

“I must  ______________”

Each woman was asked to fill up their own lists, using those prompts. Once we were done, we shared what we wrote with one another. The whole point of the activity was to declare our dreams, encourage each other, and when possible, find ways to help one another.

Here are some of the items on our SPARK! Lists:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(Thank you to Carisse, Julie, Baffee, Abby C, Abby A, Gazelle, and MM for sharing some of their answers!)

It was a great activity, because it felt good to know that there were other people standing with us and rooting for us to reach our dreams. There also were a  lot of shared dreams. Often, you’d hear us say, “Oh, I forgot that one! Can I add that to my list too?” or “Hey, I want to learn how to play the guitar too!”

It was a simple and fun bonding activity that you should try with your friends!

What about you? What would you write on your list?

If you’d like to write your own list, you can use our PDF template! Download it now by clicking on this link. Special thanks to Yasmine and her awesome blog site:!

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What I’m Loving This Week (June 28 to July 4, 2010)

1) – I can’t remember if I’ve blogged about this before, but I’ve always liked this site, which was recommended to me by @carissescueta. Visited it again today. Really awesome stuff. Here are some of my faves:

But some of his best stuff are the ones made on Flash. Be sure to check these ones out! –> Psalm 147:4, Psalm 74:16, and Isaiah 40:8.

The great news is that you can download almost the entire Fishforpeople collection here. (The uber-talented guy who created the site is generous with usage, too!)

2) Fresh content from these blogs:

3) Super Mario Bros Crossover – If you’re an 80’s kid like I am, chances are you’re pretty passionate about the Mario Bros. Thanks to Tyler Stanton for highlighting this site this week. Brings back awesome childhood memories! :)

4) The Crate & Barrel catalog – My cousin’s catalog arrived in the mail today, and my casual browsing turned into wide-eyed wonder. My nephew noticed my joy and without me knowing, he asked his mom if I could keep it and she said yes. Sweet! :) Even better: discovering that you can browse the current and previous catalogues online here. Inspiration is free…and they have a section just for that, too!

5) – Questions get me thinking. Thinking leads to reflecting, which leads to changing, growing, and even writing. Some of the blog posts I’ve written that were most meaningful to me started with a question that was floating around in my head. If you’d like to ask me a question, here’s a fast (and fun) way to do it. You can ask anonymously too, if you wish! –>

So if you’re looking for sites to surf this week, click on the links above, show these sites some love and let me know what you think!

My simple joys

It’s funny how time and time again we get deceived into thinking that happiness is tied to wealth, success, fame, or power, and yet some of the simplest things in life that we often don’t notice can bring such joy! All throughout this trip, God has romanced me in ways that seem too simple and yet leave such an impact on me. Here are some of my simple joys (some are old and some are new!):

1) SEEING STORIES TOLD IN RANDOM PLACES – Last month, I wrote a post about the wonderful Twitter-like stories that can be found in Central Park. There’s more to be found, if you keep your eyes open!

Love the quote! Found on a bench in Golden Gate Park :)

Can you imagine what it was like when this little boy made this? Such tiny hands!

2) JUMPING – Thanks to a trip that I took a couple of years ago with my relatives, I learned the fine art of jumping for photos. In real life, these moments last for just a second, and yet the memories that come to mind when I see the photos bring a smile to my face every single time. :) Here are some of my favorite jumping pics that were taken during this trip (with a couple of my faves from that trip a couple of years ago!):

3) GOING BACK TO YOUR ROOTS Have you ever visited a home (or city) that you used to live in? I’ve visited my first home twice, and it’s always nice to come back :)

This was during my 1st trip back: my first playground in Palo Alto is still where it used to be!

4) PLAYING SILLY SIMPLE GAMES – In the Kids Church team that I belong to, I’m known as the go-to person when it comes to games. My fellow teachers rely on me to come up with crazy fun games for the kids (it’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it!). Outside of Kids Church though, I don’t have the same amount of props or manpower to work with, but I do have some games in my arsenal that always work wonders when there are kids around. And they’re all free too! The first one is 20 questions (but I let them go past 20), the second is what I like to call the “Alphabet Game“, where each player takes turns thinking of something from the given category (we usually use animals, food, or places) that starts with each letter of the alphabet (so the first player gets the letter A, the second gets B, and so on and so forth), and the third isn’t really much of a game, but it’s fun to do. I usually ask a question that starts with the phrase “Would you rather have…”. For instance, “Would you rather have four noses on your face or just one nose but you’ll have to sneeze every 15 seconds for the rest of your life?” It’s HILARIOUS. (I think I’d still rather have one nose, by the way.) The reason I share these is because I’ve had the most wonderful bonding times with my loved ones (kids and adults included) thanks to these games. Apart from the laughs, we get to find out cool stuff about each other–like how some people would rather go to Disneyland than take a trip to the moon!

5) READING A GOOD BOOK – There are so many great books out there, sometimes I wish I could just hand out multiple copies of my favorite ones for free to people. I’ve read around five books during this trip and every time I finish one, I think, “Oooh, I should buy [insert friend or relative here] a copy of this!” If I ran with that thought every single time I would be deep in debt by now. I haven’t tried an e-reader, but I imagine it would be awesome. I would love to be able to have multiple books and a Bible with me all the time without actually having to haul around all the real stuff! But books are wonderful. No list of simple joys of mine will be complete without bringing books up. :) I’ll be doing more book reviews in the coming days and weeks, so stay tuned!

How about you, what are the simple joys that made you smile lately?

Bible “OOH!” Moment for the Week

I’ve read this verse a lot of times:

“Is anything too hard* for the LORD?” -Genesis 14:18

But I often miss the footnote. Don’t miss this one.

* or wonderful

Back to Love

Lots of beautiful and inspiring people in this video from Quest, an amazingly talented songwriter and singer, and one of my favorite people in the world. :)

Great stories found in Central Park

Long before Twitter was born, people were already telling great stories with 140 characters or less. But instead of broadcasting them on the World Wide Web, they put them on Central Park benches.

I fell in love with Central Park from the first moment I laid eyes on that place in 2002, just like billions of others who went before me. When I’m in New York, you can find me there at least 5 times in a week–sometimes I’d be jogging, taking photos, reading in a nice and quiet spot, or simply walking, taking in all the beauty of God’s creation.

I always had a fondness for the park benches. On most of the benches around the park , there are plaques with inscriptions, and I always found them fascinating. My dream is to one day have one of my own. :)

On this trip, I decided to take photos of as many of the interesting ones as I could and share them with you. Some of them are cute and obvious, but some need to be understood in the context of a series, so if you don’t get it right away, click on the next one. And pay close attention; even the dates tell a story. You’ll find that there are stories of love, hope, tragedy, friendship and more. I leave it up to you to read between the lines and imagine the stories behind them all.

Trouble viewing the slideshow? Click here.

If you could get a park bench plaque, what would yours say?

For more information on adopting a bench in Central Park, click here, or to know more about the plaques, check out this article from the New York Times.

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