TELL ME THURSDAY: Christmas is coming!

In the Philippines, we don’t celebrate the US thanksgiving holiday, for obvious reasons, so we skip right ahead to getting excited about Christmas!

Tell me:

1) What are you looking forward to the most this Christmas?
2) What’s on your Christmas wish list?

You go first! :)

4 responses to “TELL ME THURSDAY: Christmas is coming!

  1. Hullo!

    To answer your questions: Like everybody else, I’m looking forward to spending the holidays with the entire family. Everybody is everywhere and it’s only during this happy season that everyone makes it a point to be home and celebrate the blessings of the year together.

    On my Christmas wishlist, I am about to make my list in my blog but in all honesty, all I really want is my hubby to come home in Pinas and celebrate with us. *sigh*

  2. Hey Liz! I’m over from Sarah Markley’s post on Monday about Couples and you had responded to one of my comments so here I am! :)

    My friend in the Philippines is actually my sister! She’s been over there…almost 3 months. She lives in Bacolod City on Negros Occidental, and I’m not sure she’s in Manila much…

    BUT, I will most definitely point her in the direction of your blog! We could all use more friends right?! :)

    And from what my sister (Sarah is her name) has said…y’all really are in the Christmas spirit over there. It starts at the beginning of September, right?

    I’m not sure what I’m looking forward to most. I actually am not really looking forward to Christmas since this is our first with Sarah on the other side of the world. I’m trying to remember that God can make anything good. I wrote a blog post about it recently…

    I’m sorry for this being like the LONGEST COMMENT EVER, but I just felt like sharing!! :)

    Thanks for responding to my reply over at Sarah (Markley’s) :)

    Have a great day! Errr…night, considering it’s like almost 4 in the morning over there. HA!

    • Hi Rebekah! Great to “meet” you! :) And I love long comments, haha!

      Aww, I’ve never actually been to Bacolod, but one of the ladies who attends my small group is from there and she travels back and forth between Bacolod and Manila. So maybe one of these days they can meet! Do tell Sarah to drop by the blog and say hello! :)

      And speaking of dropping by blogs, I’m on my way to yours right now!

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