Daily Archives: October 22, 2010

What I’m Loving This Week: You might want to take down some notes!

Here are some blog posts I loved this week:

1) Creating a Great Experience by Brad Lomenick @ Collide Magazine Brad Lomenick is the head of Catalyst, one of the most dynamic and creative movements I’ve ever encountered. Their events are truly excellent, enough to rival an MTV awards show. Well, they don’t spend as much on stage design and they don’t have people showing up with outrageous costumes–or do they? Nevertheless, Brad and his team know what they’re talking about.

2) THE W.A.L.L. by Paolo Punzalan – My pastor shares simple, practical communication advice for married couples (c/o Joey and Marie Bonifacio). But since it’s about communication, it can really be applied by everybody.

3) Saturation Point by Steven Furtick – Important insights on learning and sharing.

4) Do Something Different…and Grow by Dan T. Cathy – A nice & simple post on work-life balance.

5) Stupid Stuff Christian Men Should Never Say on a Date by KelcieKay Sberna – This was hilarious! Although this should serve as a warning for all men…Christian or otherwise!

6) Weapons of Choice: Part One @ Collide Magazine – Aha! This answered my Tell Me Thursday question last week. Lots of recommendations for apps and other productivity tools.

What did you love this week?