Tell Me Thursday: Unleash your inner geek…

I’m currently organizing my computer, so I’m in the process of removing unnecessary applications and searching for some that would really be useful. Take note: I said “useful”…I’m trying to stay away from any more distractions!

So here’s my question for you today:

Aside from the usual MS Office/iWork/iLife/Adobe stuff, can you name some programs or applications that have helped you?

Here are my 3 picks (take note that I’m a Mac user):

1) Mindnode – mindmapping software that helps me organize my thoughts
2) Think – simple software that helps me focus on my work
3) Senuti
– it saved my sanity when I lost all my music on my hard drive

What are your recommendations?

3 responses to “Tell Me Thursday: Unleash your inner geek…

  1. Useful stuff, eh? Hmm…
    1) Adobe InDesign – Really, really, REALLY helpful especially when it comes to layouting cards, posters, invitations, tags, books, you name it. The new edition’s also pretty useful and helpful when it comes to designing for-web documents like newsletters, and even presentations. Much better than PowerPoint, in my opinion. It’s an Adobe program, but it’s not the “usual” stuff you see around.

    2) Express Scribe – from back when I was transcribing medical reports and conferences. I figured it could be helpful for someone who transcribes interviews or audio notes.

    3) Foxit PDF reader – because unlike the Adobe version, this one is free and allows you to highlight and put notes in your PDF files.

    And thank you for your recs, Liz!

  2. Haha, I love Senuti too! And I’ll try Mindnode and Think… I think it’s high time I try the mindmapping stuff.

    Here are mine:
    1) Senuti – I love it especially when I like someone else’s iPod’s playlist
    2) µTorrent – peer to peer sharing anyone?
    3) Stickies – Handy for tracking my to-do list, with color coding too, for different to-do list categories

  3. quicksilver – jor

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