We interrupt our usual programming for some important announcements…

Please allow me to share some stuff that’s close to my heart…

1) COME OUT AND PLAY: A fundraising gig for REPUBLIKHA

Come Out and Play will feature artists Carlos CastañoJULIANNERivermaya, up and comers Fidela and San Francisco’s BENTO! Please come! It’ll be fun! :)

(Casa Nami is along Jupiter street, across Fiamma and right above Whistlestop.)

By the way, can you guess what game is featured on the poster? :)

2) JOIN THE QUEST: REVOLUTION Album Launch at Eastwood City

Quest is a gifted artist and a dear friend, and I’m excited for his big album launch. I’m not the only one who’s excited for it–Quest (aka Jose) and I have worked with some scholars and students from Pasig and Tondo…I’m hoping to be able to bring some of them to watch their kuya‘s big night!

3) LIWANAG – a music compilation highlighting JULIANNE TARROJA

Liwanag is a beautiful song full of hope. I can’t wait to hear this compilation, because apart from Julianne, it also features some of my other favorite artists: Urbandub and Kitchie Nadal.

So if you’re in the Philippines (especially if you’re in Manila), I hope you can check these out! :)


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