Tell Me Thursday: What are your unique or unusual talents?

Once again, it’s time for Tell Me Thursday!

Are you a master at turning trash into art? Are you a walking sports almanac? I want to know! What are your unique or unusual talents?

Here are a couple of mine:

  • I’m a doodler. I can listen to a whole talk and doodle at the same time and not miss an important detail. For the record, I do know when to pause to write down an important point! I try not to doodle when I’m sitting in front of someone speaking, though. But sometimes it’s just too difficult to resist a blank space on a sheet of paper!
  • I spot errors really, really quickly. I’m almost ashamed at how fast I can notice what’s wrong, because even though it makes me a good editor, I’m always in danger of becoming overly critical. Whether they’re spelling errors or typos, or they’re errors in displays or designs, I spot them immediately. I’ve been learning how to pick my battles, be more gentle, and know when to bite my tongue and stay silent altogether. After all, I can be my own top critic too! Terrible!

How about you? What are your unique or unusual talents?

* * *

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10 responses to “Tell Me Thursday: What are your unique or unusual talents?

  1. I dunno if it’s a special talent, but I can multi-task like crazy. I can do 5 things at the same time, and I can finish all of them (although of course not as excellently as I would want. hehe)

  2. uh, I can get a perfect score on the iPod Touch spelling bee game in 30 seconds…does that count? LOL

  3. It’s Thursday already?! Oh my.

    I doodle as well, and since I do work as an editor, my skill for spotting typos and grammatical errors does come in handy :)

    I also crochet (but lots of people do, so that may not be so unique or unusual). And I do makeup. And design gift tags/invitations/business cards/stationery for my friends. I once made hand-painted and hand-cut stationery. Are those unique enough? I dunno.

  4. I am a movie trivia FREAK. Watch a movie with me and I will most likely give you 5-10 pieces of trivia about the entire cast.

    I am a “name that tune and the artist behind it” freak as well. And I pretty much dig any genre (except house, heavy metal, and jazz) from the 60s-present–I often end up surprising more “mature” folk when it turns out I know a lot of stuff from their era :)

    And I can bend my index finger backwards….(lame I know haha)

  5. janina can lick her elbows if that’s considered. :)

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