What I’m Loving This Week: Marriage Advice

Love and Marriage

Image by Hammer51012 via Flickr

No, I’m not getting married yet, but I’ve got several friends who will be tying the knot soon. This week, I’ve come across some wonderful blog posts on marriage from Bianca Juarez‘s blog (she’s one of my favorite bloggers who recently got married) that I’d like to share with my soon-to-be-married friends and with you, whether you’re single or married. I think that no matter what your status or season is, you could appreciate and learn from these unique perspectives and powerful stories.

1) Marriage Advice from Jon Acuff – short, simple, straight to the point!

2) The Same Page of the Same Book by Sarah Markley – still keeping it simple…

3) Sarah Markley’s storyOn her own blog site, Sarah Markley shared the amazing story of her own marriage with her husband. These are not your typical blog posts about marriage. But what she shared here was so honest, so brave, and ultimately so beautiful. Here’s a preview:

This is story.

This is my story.

I cheated on my husband nine years ago.  I was lost and without hope.  But God rescued me, my husband forgave me, and I am living a new life.

It’s amazing. Read it. Thank you to Sarah and Chad Markley for sharing your story with all of us.

Have you read some good stuff on the ‘net lately?

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