Tell Me Thursday: School Talk!

For today’s Tell Me Thursday post, I decided to do something different: I asked friends from different backgrounds (music, TV, radio, sports, publishing, business, etc.) to share their answers to get the ball rolling!

Today’s Tell Me Thursday question is…

What is one topic or subject you wish they had taught when you were in school?

Andi Manzano: “Character building & responsibility :) I wish school taught me how to do things my own way and not just all purely memorization.”

Benjo Marquez: “The one class I wished they taught in school was skateboarding. Hehe! No, that is a tough one. In hindsight, I wish they had taught us how to handle money and understand the concept of making and spending money.”

Christian Bautista: “During grade school or high school, I wish they had guided us thoroughly to know our strengths and talents–where we are good at –to guide us better in choosing the right course to take in college, or to know our possible profession in the future.”

Kelly Williams: “I wish they taught Tagalog/Filipino for the obvious reason. It would have surely helped me tremendously the past the 5 years :)”

Myrza Sison: “Although I don’t think I’m deficient in it (I hope not!) I wish they taught EQ or Emotional Intelligence in school so that everyone could have learned how their emotions affect their actions and how they can manage their emotions effectively. Lots of problems in the workplace and society are caused by conflict brought about by people’s EQ deficiencies and could be avoided if everyone just knew themselves a little better.”

Owie Burns: “I wish they told us WHY they were teaching us WHAT they were teaching us. I guess some would say it’s a given that what they teach you in school WILL come in handy one day — but as kids (given so much info) you don’t really see what it’s all for, UNLESS someone actually says so. I honestly would have paid more attention in class – not because I had to, but because I knew it would be useful one day, someday.”

Paolo Valenciano: “Media / film class. if they think an art class or a music class is necessary , why not give the kids an option to choose between art, music and film… since media plays such a major part in our society.”

My answer? I wish they taught us more about time management and budgeting. Both are always expected, but I feel like the topics aren’t taught adequately enough. Oh, and I wish they taught us how to conduct lie detector tests without having to use a lie detector machine. Wouldn’t that be fun? :)

A gazillion thanks to Andi, Benjo, Christian, Kelly, Myrza, Owie, and Pao for ‘guesting’ on the blog and answering today’s Tell Me Thursday question!

Now it’s your turn. :) What is one topic or subject you wish they taught in school? Serious, quirky, or random answers are welcome!

* * *

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4 responses to “Tell Me Thursday: School Talk!

  1. I wish they taught CRITICAL THINKING and FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT. I’m a trainer and it’s painful to see adults who have supposedly acquired a degree on something but not know how to process information accurately on their own. It seems like most Filipinos were taught how to memorize, not necessarily think. Who wouldn’t benefit from learning financial management at an early age. Much fewer people would be in debt and we would have more businesses that flourish :)

  2. I wish they taught us how to do make-up! :p Sounds shallow but I’m serious. Instead of curbing our desire to look presentable (*cough Poveda cough*), I wish high schools will invest more in teaching kids to appreciate their appearances and the effects on self-esteem. So it may not be necessarily make-up, but the importance of feeling good about yourself and projecting confidence.

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