Tell Me Thursday: Let’s talk about blogs!

Two Thursdays ago, I asked about books. This week, it’s all about blogs!

Through the years, blogs have inspired, educated, and entertained me. I love learning from experts, friends, and peers, and I’ve picked up ideas and thoughts that have been helpful and useful in different areas of my life.

Tell me: Who are the bloggers or what are the blogs that you follow? (And if you have a blog, share your blog’s address so we can check it out!)

You can see the list of blogs I follow on the lower right side of this site. But I want to discover (and share) new ones! Share your blog address or your blog recommendations by leaving a comment below, and I’ll choose some sites to highlight soon!

* * *

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One response to “Tell Me Thursday: Let’s talk about blogs!

  1. I have a LOT! My entire list of favorite blogs is found here:

    Ranges from theology, food, beauty, fashion, travel, etc.

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