This one’s for the ladies!

If you’re from Metro Manila, here’s a special invitation for you:

My friends and I are hosting a women’s event this Sunday, September 5, at 3 pm to 8 pm called SPARK!

“What is it?”
SPARK! is an event where you can make new friends, find cool stuff, learn something new, and spark something in you!

“What can I expect?”
You can find some neat stuff in our rummage sale (aka “ukay-ukay”), join the free classes (I’ll be teaching one of them!), partake of some snacks, and meet and hang out with some of my favorite women. We’re also going to do an awesome activity that involves what we call a SPARK List (hint: it’s something like a bucket list)!

Based on the activities and the items we’ll be selling, I would say this event is best for ladies ages 15 to 35.

“Who will be there?”
Some of the wonderful women who will be there will be Gee Canlas and Abby Asistio of the YouTube show Say Wuht?!?, singer/songwriter Julianne Tarroja,  and U92 DJs Patti Malay and Carisse Escueta (who is also the brilliant woman who came up with the idea and put together this awesome event). And of course, aside from us, there will be lots of cool girls, just like you!

“Can I go?”
Since we want everyone to actually meet each other, make new friends, and hang out (plus we want to keep the event small and safe), it’s a by-invitation-only event. But for you, dear blog reader, we will extend a special invitation! :)

If you would like to come, please send me a message by clicking here (type “SPARK!” in your subject line) and just tell me your name, email address, and how you found my blog (unless you’re someone I already know, then just say hello!). That’s it! And if you’d like to bring your girlfriends, just let me know as well. Once I receive your message, I’ll get back to you with the address and other details.

If you’re shy, please, don’t be…we’d love to meet you! If you’re looking to make friends, be encouraged, try something new, or you’re just looking for something to do, we came up with this event especially for YOU! :)

2 responses to “This one’s for the ladies!

  1. ate ganda ng blog mo tlga….,, pambihira.., gsto ko din toh… wat hindersme is my grammar..,, hehehehhe pero ate nainspire tlga kami sayo.. ikaw yung eksaktong example ng pgiging humble.., wlang word na gnto pero meron ka tlgang humblism… hehehhe kulit koh… thnks for inspiring us ate.. hehehh mwah.. loveyou..

    • pambihira! :) go go go! kahit i-tagalog mo! :) kelangan ng mga blog na naka-tagalog, promise! GO na, GO! :) try mo wordpress, blogspot, or tumblr :)

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