Question of the Day (6.27.10)

If you had more time to spend in your day, what would you do with it?

6 responses to “Question of the Day (6.27.10)

  1. Seriously? I would read more and do crafts. And bake. And cook. And eat, of course. :)

  2. Hey Liz. :) I would read more, pray longer and work out more/longer too.

  3. Siempre I’m late. Haha!

    If I had more time (which I likely do, I just lose it too often) I would be more serious with my photography, and finally finally buy a cello and take lessons. Oh and if I were in the Bay I’d be in an aerialist program for sure.

    Oh, while I’m here I’d go take that sign language class too. ;)
    In the meantime I get lost on tumblr and planning the rest of my year.



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