Bits and pieces from Boston.

People always tell me, “Wow, you’re on vacation, you’re so lucky!” Truth be told, it hasn’t been the easiest journey. It’s been filled with twists and turns; some have been good, but some have been pretty challenging. In the midst of all the challenges, I am reminded of one my favorite quotes from A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, a book by Donald Miller: “Somehow we realize that great stories are told in conflict but we are unwilling to embrace the potential greatness of the story we are actually in. We think God is unjust rather than a master storyteller.”

When we look at it that way, I’m truly grateful for the adventure. :)

* * *

Last night, one of my dreams came true. I had the chance to watch famed film scorer and composer, John Williams, together with the Boston Pops. Since I’m a huge fan of film scores, this was definitely one of the happiest moments of my life. The show, entitled “Hooray for Hollywood”, was a feast of some of Williams’ beloved scores from Star Wars, Superman, Harry Potter, E.T., Indiana Jones, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and more. I think the Boston Pops are awesome. I’ve always admired how they blend together orchestral music with contemporary tunes. If you ever come to Boston, try to check out one of their performances! For more info on the Pops, check

* * *

Watch this and be inspired: beautiful spoken word by Amena Brown:

She performed this at the opening of the Chick-Fil-A Leadercast. And speaking of the Leadercast, here are some free resources that you can download. Go for it!

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