You’ll know the difference.

Last Sunday, I was having a talk with a dear friend about making tough decisions. I remember saying something like, “I wish I already knew what exactly it is that I’m waiting for…”

She replied with something that stuck with me. She said something like, “You may not know the answer to that yet, but I think you can tell when you come across something that’s NOT what you’re waiting for. I think you know that it doesn’t feel right. So for starters, at least you already know that…you may not know what it is, but you know what it’s NOT.”

Today, I was having a talk with another dear friend, Owie (who I’m very happy for, by the way!!!). As we were talking about my situation, she shared a great illustration and insight that shed light on what I needed to hear. She told me a story about the time she was pregnant with her son. She was rushed to the hospital twice because she thought she was in labor because of the pains she was feeling, but they turned out to be false alarms. But the third time around, she was ABSOLUTELY SURE that it wasn’t a false alarm anymore, because she finally felt the difference.

Owie helped me realize that God sometimes allows us to be in certain situations that feel like the real thing but turn out to be false alarms. And those times can be pretty disappointing, because you find yourself having to wait longer than you would’ve wanted to. But because of those times, when the real thing comes along, you won’t miss it, because you’ll finally feel the difference. :)

* * *

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One response to “You’ll know the difference.

  1. This is very insightful Liz! Thank you for sharing :-)

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