Tribute to MTV Philippines

The Super! section of the Philippine Daily Inquirer made a tribute to MTV Philippines, and they asked some of us to write about our memories.

It was one of my toughest assignments ever…there was too much to say! I was still in Boracay with my family when I got the messages from Tammy David and Pam Pastor of Super! so I had to work within the 30 minute computer access I had in the airport to whip up whatever I could. It was so rough, I had to ask Pam to edit me, haha! Thank you very much to Pam Pastor and the staff of Super! for making this tribute and asking us to be a part of it. You can read the whole thing–with awesome pieces by iconic VJs Sarah Meier-Albano and KC Montero, and superwoman Georgette Tengco + quotes from industry people and of course, a tribute to our favorite cameraman and MTV superhero, Tengie Daguio–in today’s paper. What follows below is the rough, uncut, and untitled piece that I wrote, plus the other photos that didn’t make it (there was just too much to squeeze in!):

In the Philippines, MTV has gone through several chapters—it’s almost impossible to keep track. There’s so much to say about working at MTV, that I  believe that anyone given the task to write about it would have a tough time knowing  where to start. From the first day that I entered their Fort office during my job interview, I felt like I had entered a different world. And in many ways, it was.

People think that MTV was all about entertainment, partying, and having fun, but for most of us, it was hard work. We spent long hours in the office and we spent weekends working on out-of-town shoots, concerts, and events, all in the name of giving the audience something to remember. And as fun as it all was, we joked that a lot of blood, sweat, and tears were poured out. We did a lot of crazy things and went beyond the call of duty several times just to have the show go on. One event that comes to mind is a concert in Cebu where KC Montero had to host, do the voice-over, act as a bouncer, and be a water boy all at the same time. Yes, we’re talking about one of the best VJs of all-time, but those were desperate times. But thankfully at MTV, we were more than just a company. We were family.

I worked in MTV Philippines from 2004 to 2006 as Communications and Press Executive and returned in 2007 to 2008 as Head of Artist and Media Relations. While it felt like I was there for much longer time than that, in reality, I was really just a speck in the history of MTV Philippines. Many people have been part of the legacy: from VJs to employees, crew members and freelancers, working at MTV was more than just a job for all of us—it was a time in our lives when we were part of something larger than life. (The continuation + photos after the jump!)

There is nothing quite like seeing a big productions come to life both on the ground and on air. Whether it was a show or a concert, or whether it was here in the Philippines for the MTV Pilipinas Video Music Awards or the MTV Staying Alive Music Summit for HIV/AIDS, or out of the country for the MTV Asia Awards, we all shared the thrill of seeing hundreds of thousands of people enjoying the product of our stressful days and sleepless nights.

It’s tough not to wax nostalgic when talking about MTV. We have plenty of stories to tell, but I’ll leave it to KC, Sarah, and our unofficial historian and beloved cameraman Tengie Daguio to do what they do best—add the spice and the extra kick that this tribute deserves.

To all the people who have supported us, who tuned in and braved the concert crowds, thank you for making MTV a part of your life. I know that MTV was and always will be the name our generation can claim.

To everyone that’s been part of the MTV family throughout the years, let’s look back with joy. As I was writing this, there was just one line that kept coming to mind. To quote Campbell Scott’s character in the 1992 movie Singles, “We had good times and we had bad times, but we had TIMES.”

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(Thanks to Sarah Meier-Albano, Georgette Tengco, and Daniel Tan for some of the photos)

Like I said, there was just too much to say and not enough time and space. There are too many people who need to be highlighted and mentioned (not to mention that there were a lot more people more worthy than I was to write about MTV!), but at the end of the day, I just wanted to take the opportunity to honor the people I worked with who made MTV truly special. It’s almost impossible to put everything that needs to be said into words. I love you guys! I am forever grateful for the time I spent at MTV, learning from all of you, working with all of you, and smiling (and laughing!) because of you. Thanks for the memories. :)

* * *

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3 responses to “Tribute to MTV Philippines

  1. just a reader

    hi! been following your blog since your lj days (via quark’s friend’s list). just wanted to ask a question about a book i remember you posting about back in lj. it’s some sort of guide to music for snobs whose title escapes me and i was wondering if you still remember that book.


  2. just a reader

    spot on! thank you! :)

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