John Ortberg – “The Me I Want to Be” @ North Point Community Church

I’m listening to this message by author John Ortberg at North Point Community Church. I had to hit the pause button to type this quote in. Powerful!

“What do you do when Dow Jones is down, the Nasdaq is down, housing values are down…consumer confidence is down, employment is down, commercial real estate is down and you wonder, is anything going up these days? Well, some things are going up. The opportunity to serve people, that’s going up. The market for hope, that’s going up. The chance to build a life on a foundation that will endure through storms, that’s going up. And that’s true, because certain fundamentals remain unchanged. God remains sovereign, the beauty of forgiveness is still greater than the stain of sin, the Bible is still the word of God. Prayer remains the most remarkable communication available to the human race. Love still defeats bigotry, faith still beats despair. The greatest scandal in this sorry, dark world is still the scandal of the Cross, God’s mercies are still new every morning, the tomb is still empty, the Church is still marching, the kingdom Jesus announced is still expanding and does not need a bailout or a stimulus package. That’s the good news.”

This podcast is full of gems!

“Your life is not primarily your project. We all think it is, but it’s not. Your life is God’s project. The apostle Paul put it like this: ‘For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works which God prepared in advance for us to do.’ God made you, and then God made certain things for you to do, and they are uniquely designed for you to do. You are not your handiwork. Only God fully knows what you are intended to look like. Only God knows what your full potential is. And God is more committed to your reaching that potential than you are. The best version of you. And God is guiding that process is all the time, and he has all kinds of tools at His disposal. And He is very patient and He never gets discouraged.”

Do you want to hear more? Listen to the podcast by downloading it on iTunes.

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