Seaside Letters by Denise Hunter

I love reviewing books, so I’m taking a break today from my “How to Love Your Life” series.

I used to love reading ‘chick lit’ (that’s ‘chick literature’, FYI). Back in 2002, when I would go through a new book every week, Sophie Kinsella (of Shopaholic series fame) was a staple on my bookshelf. Nowadays, my bookshelves are filled with Lucado, Maxwell, Zacharias—barely any fiction there at all. Do I miss it sometimes? Of course I do! So when an opportunity came to read a Christian fiction book, I jumped at it, because I don’t see a lot of those.

Seaside Letters is your typical love story, with a protagonist (Sabrina Kincaid) that most readers could relate to (i.e. awkward). She’s a waitress at a local cafe, and she happens to fall for one of her regulars, Tucker McCabe. She doesn’t fall for him because she sees him everyday, but because she’s actually the mysterious woman he’s been exchanging emails with–the same woman he’s been searching for. Of course, we’re all thinking that it would be great if she just came out and told him who she was, but she can’t, because that wouldn’t make a good story because of a secret from her past.

So you’re probably wondering, what makes it Christian fiction? Well, the story is about a woman who’s afraid that her past may have forever prevented her from being loved and accepted, and disqualified her from having a good future. Sounds like a lot of us sometimes, right? The story’s ending reminds the reader of God’s redemptive love. You have to read the book to see how it works out, but I think you can use your imagination.

It’s interesting to see how a love story written for Christians plays out. It’s not much different from your typical love story; it has a happy ending too, but unlike a lot of love stories nowadays, it’s clean, wholesome, and there are no big makeover stories that make you feel like you’re inadequate to begin with. It’s not exactly one of my favorite stories, but it’s a welcome break from my usual reading fare. More up my alley: Find Your Strongest Life by Marcus Buckingham, which I’ll be reviewing soon. :)


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