A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller

I don’t know about you, but when I was kid, I wanted my life to be a fairy tale. I think most boys wanted to their lives to be an action-adventure movie. Bottom line is that I think we all just wanted to be living great stories. However, as we grew up, some of us found ourselves living horror stories…or just horribly boring ones. If anything I said resonated with you, then you will love Donald Miller‘s new book, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years.

millionmilesOne of my favorite books that I’ve read the last couple of years was Miller’s bestselling book/memoir, Blue Like Jazz (if you haven’t read it, I highly encourage you to do so). As an author, Miller is easy-to-read, witty, and his thoughts and insights always make me go, “Woah.” That being said, I was eager to read his new book, and I definitely wasn’t disappointed.

Basically, some movie producers approach him with the idea of turning his bestselling book (Blue Like Jazz) into a movie, but in the course of pre-production, they more or less tell him that the story (i.e. his life) needs to be tweaked a bit, because it wasn’t as exciting as it should be (i.e. it was missing the good stuff that movies are made of). So this new book is all about what he learns along the way as he sets off to “edit” his life. Beautiful stuff.

“The truth is, if what we choose to do with our lives won’t make a story meaningful, it won’t make a life meaningful either.” – Donald Miller, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years

It’s one of those books that I’m going to want to read again and again. It’s thought-provoking, poignant, and inspiring. I like it so much that I’m giving away one copy of the book so that someone else would be blessed by it.

Yes, you read it right! I am giving someone a chance to win this book! So here’s how this goes: if you want to join, you have to a) be a resident of Metro Manila, Philippines (sorry to the international folks!), and b) leave a comment on this post and tell me what you would be doing with your life if you didn’t have to worry about time, money, and resources? It’s just a random question, but I love asking it!

On Thursday , October 29 at 12 noon, I’ll randomly choose (i.e. I will close my eyes, scroll up and down, stop, and click) a winner, and I’ll send you a message to let you know you’ve won. Got it? And if you don’t win, I’m sorry, but I still encourage you to read this book. I think you’ll love it, too. :) You can start by reading an excerpt here. Enjoy!

4 responses to “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller

  1. If I didn’t have to worry about time, money and resources, I would probably be raising orphans (especially teenagers) and working with WWF to help save animals =) Yay, fun! I would teach the kids how my life became that way through God’s grace and how they too can have lives like mine.

  2. You do know some of your friends’ Achilles heels Liz! So here goes. If I didn’t have to worry about time, money, and resources, I will setup one social entrepreneurship venture after another… always with three bottom lines: social impact, environmental impact, and profit (which goes right back to putting up a new venture).

  3. Liz!!! I wanna join, I wanna join! Can I?

    Here’s my answer:

    If money, time, and resources were not an object, I would teach (Grid says I should teach CLE [haha]) and be a speechwriter for a public servant/politician I believe in. I want to teach because I love the idea of being part of a young person’s journey to adulthood. I’ve made so many mistakes growing up, so I want to make use of my experiences to help young people figure out what they want to do in life (and what they shouldn’t do) and encourage them to live out their full potential. I want to be a speechwriter naman kasi I would like to make use of my writing skills to inspire people and make them believe that true, honest leaders do exist and that there is hope for this country. :)

    I didn’t know you had a wordpress. Akala ko naka-LJ ka pa rin. I’m on wordpress, too. http://dreamingofdaisies.wordpress.com. I’ll put you on my blogroll. :)

  4. If I didn’t have to worry about time, money, and resources, I will have a school designed for out of school youths and teach them who Jesus is, feed them and help them to become better individuals.I would want to go to China and reach out to Chinese students. Lastly, I would love to explore the beauty of Paris and write about my experience there, take some pictures and get to know people!

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