Fearless by Max Lucado

Do you find yourself perpetually living under a dark cloud, feeling depressed and defeated?

Or do you often feel like you’re stuck in quicksand–overwhelmed and nearly paralyzed?

Chances are, you’ve been hit by the big, bad wolf called FEAR. You may not recognize it, because sometimes it calls itself WORRY, ANXIETY, DOUBT, or INSECURITY. But no matter what you call it or what it looks like, it’s fear, and it’s ruthless in coming after you, unless you’re able to discover the only way to disarm it.

scaled_e1252009347Fearless is the new book by one of my favorite authors, Max Lucado. From the cover alone, I knew it was calling out to me. From the image of the carefree person jumping into the water, to the tagline, “IMAGINE YOUR LIFE WITHOUT FEAR”, I knew it was a must-read.

The book didn’t disappoint. Like most Lucado books, this one was easy to read, and was filled with powerful lines that I’m filing away into my list of favorite and important book quotes.

“Fear, at its center, is a perceived loss of control.” – Max Lucado, Fearless

In the book, Lucado deals with the most common fears of people: rejection, loneliness, financial lack, overwhelming obstacles, violence, death, and being wrong, among  others. For a Bible-reading Christian like me, reading this book helped remind me of the many awesome ways that God takes care of me and protects me, and how He took every strategy of fear in consideration and provided a timeless solution. Thus, this book helped me see fear as nothing but an annoying little ant in the light of a big God. For others though, I can imagine that some of Lucado’s insights would be new, fresh, and liberating–at least that’s my prayer for every person who reads this book.

If you’re looking to be set free from the strongholds of fear so you can live a passionate, joyful, and storm-proof life, get your hands on this book!

If you want to preview the book, click here.


One response to “Fearless by Max Lucado

  1. Liz, where did you buy a copy of Fearless? I haven’t seen it in bookstores yet.

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