An inspiring [true] story!

Lamont, Mike, Darin, and the rest of our "family" at one of our usual post-Church service dinners!

Lamont, Mike, Darin, and the rest of our Sunday "family"

Early this month, I had blogged about the recent PBA (Philippine Basketball Association) draft here, and my friends Rob and Sam Johnson blogged about it here. For us, it was especially meaningful, because two of our friends–Lamont Waters and Mike Burtscher–were drafted to play for the Sta. Lucia Realtors and the Alaska Aces, respectively. Our blogs talk about how inspiring their stories are, but yesterday, Rob tweeted about this article by Shaan Bermudez-Hizon, which goes deeper into Mike’s story. Read it and be inspired!


By Patricia Bermudez-Hizon

Now a few PBA fans looked baffled when the sixth overall pick was named in the 2009 PBA Draft last August 2.  Who is Mike Burtscher?  There were hardly any surprises in the Draft until his name was called.  Even the ones who knew of him were shocked to hear the Alaska Aces pick him over so many other up and coming ballers.

But Burtscher is out to prove his worth and live out his journey that is quickly taking him to the top, but has dragged him deep into the dark valleys.

This is Mike’s story — a story which will make you understand why he’s got a lot of fight in him.  A story that will hopefully inspire you.

Michael Andre Morato Burtscher was born in Switzerland to his Filipina mother, Juliet.  He never met his biological father as he abandoned them before he was even born.  She left the Philippines with her eventual husband, Rainer Burtscher, and gave birth to Mike on March 8, 1985 in Baden, Switzerland.

Mike always felt alienated by his step dad and step brother which made him a rebellious teen.  It didn’t help that he felt his mother was also being treated unfairly.  His life crumbled when he once came home from school and found that all of his mother’s belongings were gone and was told that he was not the real son of the only father he ever knew.  He then ran away from the house he never really felt was a home.  He was only 16 then.

Read the rest of the feature here! Good stuff!

2 responses to “An inspiring [true] story!

  1. Anthony Molacruz

    I didn’t know him personally but I use to see him in his BEDA days he quite a nice guy. I didn’t even seen him play but knowing that he plays for the university and with his height, you can tell that he can play. His story should become an inspiration for anybody that is on the same road, as his, especially the younger generation. Don’t let the hardships and difficulties hinder their lives on setting their goals in life. Instead, use it as a challenge to be what they can be like what is happening to this man. I have somewhat been on the same road and I admire people who is positive than that of the opposite. God bless you and your family.

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