On humility.

frustrationYou know those days, weeks, months, or seasons that frustrate you because you feel like nothing is going your way? How do you respond?

“Before a downfall the heart is haughty, but humility comes before honor.” -Proverbs 18:12

Sometimes it’s easier to live in denial, but we have another option: to simply embrace those days and let God change our hearts to prepare us for better things than we could ever imagine.

* * *

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5 responses to “On humility.

  1. really big help liz. thank you :)

  2. Great post Liz! Love how it directly speaks to my heart and I know it does to a lot of other people too :-)

  3. Thank you Liz! :)

  4. Your blogs are truly inspiring and uplifting. You are being used mightily by our Lord to be a blessing to those whom you interact with. God bless you :-)

  5. This is amazing, Liz! It’s true: When I lost my first job last year, it felt like it made no sense and I was so devastated. But now, I’m beginning to understand and see wonderful things up ahead; everything does happen for a reason.

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