Internet randomness: Facebook movie + Big universe + Alaskan Cruise

Stuff I found on the internet this past week:

1) Facebook on the big screen…hmmm.

Are they serious? I came across this article and this video interview with producer Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing, A Few Good Men), where he talks about why he took on the project. And I quote, “If you ask me why I said yes, I’m not sure I can give you a clear answer, but it’s the fastest I’ve ever said yes to anything.”

Now I’m intrigued. Comment • Like?

2) It’s a big, big universe.

I wish space travel was available already. In the meantime, someone posted this on Twitter; can’t remember who it was. Not entirely sure if this is fully accurate, but it’s kind of mind-blowing! Check it out.

3) Nature + Worship music = ♥

I have intense love for trees, rivers, lakes, and mountains. And particularly, the ones I see in the US or Europe (mostly, through the movies!). While I love the Philippines and its climate, tropical plants and landscapes don’t have the same effect on me. As such, I’ve been missing Central Park, Golden Gate Park, and all those lakes and giant trees an awful lot these days.

I mention this small tidbit of info because I came across this video yesterday, and my jaw dropped. Nature + worship music is such a killer combination for me. I’d love to go on this cruise!

Looking forward to more interesting finds this week! :)


2 responses to “Internet randomness: Facebook movie + Big universe + Alaskan Cruise

  1. Hi, Great job with your 30-day challenge! I got here through Mariel’s blogs. I’m nearing the end of my 30 days, and I can only assume how much you’re enjoying this too! :)

    God bless! :)

    • Hi riz! thanks! it’s getting more and more challenging to come up with something everyday, but you’re right, i’m definitely enjoying it! btw, i just checked out your blog a few minutes ago…it’s so lovely to look at! I think I’m gonna love reading it :)

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