Daily Archives: August 12, 2009

What are you praying for today?

God reminded me this month in several ways that He answers prayers–no matter how big or small they are!

First, we saw our friends drafted in the PBA (I blogged about it here, and my friends Rob and Sam Johnson blogged about it here –it’s a must-read!).

Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) Rookie Draft 2009 (photo c/o Sarah Meier-Albano)

Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) Rookie Draft 2009 (photo c/o Sarah Meier-Albano)

Then I was blessed by this one little miracle: last week, I was really craving for Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies, to the point that I had even tweeted about it and blogged about it right here. Guess what? A couple of days later, Sam and Rob surprised me with this, fresh from Singapore!


They were in Singapore last week, and shortly after Sam read my Twitter status, she happened to come across a Famous Amos store. In her words, “God wanted you to have it!” Haha! So awesome. God is so good. And the Johnsons are awesome too! :)

So let’s backtrack…

First, I saw how God answered our prayers for someone else.

Second, I saw how God answered my prayer for something I wanted.

And last but definitely not the least, I got to see how God used us to answer someone else’s prayer. Two weeks ago, my friend, Karlo, sent me a text message saying he felt led by God to give me his guitar. His text message definitely came as a surprise because it was pretty random! The first thought that entered my head was that I really didn’t need a guitar; however, I remembered that the teens from the Jesus Loves the Little Children Foundation said that they’ve been wanting one! So last Monday, we took it to them, and they were truly surprised and really happy. :)


Sometimes it’s easy to forget just how powerful prayer can be, but I want to encourage you today…maybe you need healing, financial provision, restoration, comfort, or maybe you find yourself needing to pray for someone else–whatever it is that’s on your mind, just go ahead and pray for it! Sometimes we don’t get our prayers answered right away or sometimes God doesn’t give us the answers we want, but whatever happens, know this: He’s always listening. :)

What are you praying for today? If you have a prayer request, leave a comment, I’ll be happy to pray for you. ;-)