Daily Archives: August 9, 2009


See the treats that the students from Young Focus made at yesterday’s baking class conducted by my friend, Camille Ocampo:

Carrot cupcakes

Chocolate cupcakes

Food for the Gods

Everything they made turned out to be delicious! The treats were gone in 60 seconds! Here we are with the class and Grace (one of the social workers) of Young Focus:


Before the class started, Camille spoke about how one of the goals of the baking class was simply to let the students discover for themselves that they could do it. Mission accomplished! Their faces were glowing after the session!

Camille pointed out that most people get intimidated by the thought of baking and they think that it would be impossible to learn. So when they realize that they can do the impossible, truly wonderful things happen! They feel happy, they feel more confident, and they feel more encouraged to take on something else that they once thought was impossible to do. Seeing that all unfold before my eyes…THAT, for me, was the real treat! :)