Journals and blessings

n518889038_736550_2458When I was a kid, I tried to keep a diary. Every year, I failed miserably. I would start writing in one, then I would stop after a few months. Needless to say, I wasted a lot of perfectly good notebooks all the way into my teenage years.

Fortunately, that hasn’t been the case these past couple of years. Two years ago, I decided to keep a journal where I could write down the great Bible verses that I came across and the good quotes I got from books and various preachings. I also wrote down my prayers, and I’ve been doing so until today. I know a lot of other friends who do the same thing, and we all agree that it’s a great habit to pick up! Especially when you look back at your old journals and see how your prayers were answered.

The other day, I took a colored pen and went through my old journals, and underlined every blessing and answered prayer that came my way. It really helped bring back so much joy, when I remembered how good and how faithful God has been. Sometimes, problems and difficult circumstances help me forget, and I linger around despair’s territory longer than I should.

If you keep a journal, let me encourage you to grab that pen and find those answered prayers!

One response to “Journals and blessings

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