What works for me: My Yahoo!

In an effort to get organized and limit the time I spend on the internet (not to mention the number of tabs and windows I open), I finally spent a couple of hours fixing my My Yahoo! page, which serves as my RSS reader (if you have no idea what RSS is and how it works, I highly recommend watching this video: RSS in Plain English).

I decided to stick to My Yahoo! because it’s easier on the eyes (the Google Reader’s not-as-pretty interface wasn’t as appealing to me, haha). I have several tabs on my My Yahoo! page.  Let me start by showing you my “Favorite Blogs” tab (click on image to see a larger version of the screenshot):

Picture 21

What you’ll find here:

1 ) BLOGS – I get to keep track of posts from my favorite authors and speakers like Michael Hyatt (Thomas Nelson CEO), Seth Godin (author of Tribes), Donald Miller (author of Blue Like Jazz), John Maxwell, and Guy Kawasaki, as well as posts from some of my favorite pastors like Steve Murrell, Joey Bonifacio, Paolo Punzalan, Bernard Marquez. I also keep track of [my friend] Sam Johnson‘s blog, because I like her posts.

2 ) ARTICLES – mostly from one of my favorite Christian websites, Crosswalk.com. It’s a good site to check out, by the way.

Here’s what my “Home” tab looks like (click on image to see a larger version of the screenshot):

Picture 19

Here you’ll find different content boxes…not all of them are RSS feeds. What you’ll find on this page:

1 ) Note to Self – I love this. It’s a special My Yahoo! application that works like a Post-it. It’s just an empty box where you can write anything…like a note to yourself. :) I use it to list down my priorities for the month and my schedule for the day. I also use it to list down random thoughts that I need to ‘chew’ on for the week, like the topics I want to blog about in the near future.

2 ) To Do List – that’s pretty self-explanatory. It’s another special My Yahoo! application. It’s simple and easy to use, plus it allows you to prioritize your tasks, too.

3 ) Weather – tells me if it’s a good day to go out for a run!

4 ) Yahoo! Mail and Gmail previews – tells me if it’s time to check out my inboxes. There are links to the new messages, too, so reading them is just a click away.

5 ) Facebook preview – somehow, having a small preview of it helps me resist the temptation of having to check my Facebook page too often.

6 ) Top picks from my page – another special application. Yahoo describes it like this: “The Top Picks app automatically highlights stories from your page[s], based on the articles you have recently read on My Yahoo!. The more stories you click on, the more you will see this app reflect your interests.”

7 ) Comics – it adds some color on my page. It’s on the lower half, so you won’t see it in the screenshot. I subscribe to Garfield and Ziggy. Gives me good memories of my childhood. :)

8 ) My Yahoo! blog – it updates me on any new My Yahoo! apps or features that I might want to add to my page.

I have one more tab for Resources, but I’ll blog about that on another day. :) Just decided to blog about this and share it with you today, because maybe using My Yahoo! will help you just like it helped me!

Are you already an RSS fan? What’s on your reader?

Btw, you can add my blog to your RSS reader by subscribing to its feed here!


2 responses to “What works for me: My Yahoo!

  1. interesting! i have a myYahoo page as well (an ooooold one, i think it still has the Picachu theme i set it on when i was fresh out of high school!),

    i used to switch between my Google page and that one… however i’ve stopped using my Yahoomail account and more on Gmail the last few years, and slowly migrated to Google…

    hmmmmm…something to consider! ^_^ *hug*

    • Picachu! haha classic! you can try Google Reader! actually, most pros recommend that coz of the advanced features (I think), but I like My Yahoo!’s simplicity and ‘beauty’. Heehee. It’s the girl in me :)

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