Four websites to read through

If you’re looking for new places to visit on the Web, here are some sites that I’d recommend. Why only 4? Because I couldn’t come up with 5. :D


I’ve been a Michael Hyatt fan since I’ve started reading his blog 2 months ago. He’s smart and witty, his writing is simple, informative, and straight-to-the-point, and he’s the CEO of one of my favorite publishing houses, Thomas Nelson Publishing (the company that gave us the books by Billy Graham, John Eldredge, Stasi Eldredge, Max Lucado, John Maxwell, and more). They’ve got good taste!

His site is a goldmine of great articles and references for writers, speakers, communicators, and leaders, in general. And he’s really generous when it comes to sharing his resources and tips! I’ve learned a lot from him and I’ve bookmarked dozens of his posts. Check out two of his latest posts: The One Thing You Need to Create WOW Experiences and 6 Steps to More Courage.

2) SPOT.PH has been around for a while, but the editorial direction was recently taken over by my friend and one of my publishing mentors, Myrza Sison. I like their “50 Things to Do in Manila” list. Gave me new ideas! Lots of good stuff in there, especially if you’re looking for good restaurants to check out.


Just started reading this today. Seth Godin is a marketing expert and author of the best-selling books Tribes, Purple Cow, and Permission Marketing, among others. For those who haven’t read his books (like me), reading his blog is a good start. :)


A great resource site for speakers and presenters….

…which I really need to browse through right now as I prepare for a couple of upcoming talks. :) Happy browsing!

One response to “Four websites to read through

  1. Seth Godin is a good author! BTW you should read Made to Stick. It would be helpful when making your talks. :) Hugs!

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