My 4 great reasons to start running!

As I said in my last post, I am in need of physical exercise. When I was younger, I was a volleyball fanatic. My neighbors would attest to the fact that I always found a way to gravitate towards a volleyball. But once I got diagnosed with rotator cuff tendinitis while playing volleyball in my sophomore year of college, I just finished up the season, and traded in my uniform for a cozy seat on the bench as the team manager. And I never really got into a sport again…which is really sad, because I know I need some exercise! So I tried badminton, I tried golf (driving, at least), I tried going to the gym, but I never really fell in love with any of those things. This month, I’ve started getting into running. This is actually quite a struggle for me, because my least favorite part of volleyball training was running. But hey, I need my cardio exercise, and I’ve found my 4 good reasons to start running, which I will share with you today!

#1: The new iPod Shuffle

I’ve been wanting an iPod Shuffle for the longest time because I cannot run without music. Thank God for untouched rewards points, because I was finally able to get the shuffle, and I think it rocks (I just wish they had colors to choose from, though, but that’s just me, being a girl. Haha)! You can put playlists, and it has a voice that tells you what playlists you have in your shuffle and the name of the song/podcast that’s currently playing. Plus it’s so tiny, I just want to bring it everywhere!

#2: My “Cardio Praise” playlist

Like I said, I can’t run without music. When I used to go to the gym, I had a “Cardio Workout” playlist that would have enough BPM (beats per minute) to motivate me to run. But nothing lifts my spirit like praise music, so I figured I would make a “Cardio Praise” playlist. I’m pretty sure this isn’t a new concept for Christian runners, but the reason why I bring this is up is because I wanted to share the songs that I put in my list. I chose them out of all the praise songs because they had the right pattern of beats that would get me moving and running with joy in my heart!

What’s currently on the list:

His Love” – Hillsong, God He Reigns
“Take it All” – Hillsong United, United We Stand
“The Time Has Come” – Hillsong United, United We Stand
“We Shine” – Fee, Passion: God of This City
“You Are Good” – Israel & New Breed
“Let God Arise” – Chris Tomlin, See the Morning
“Sing, Sing, Sing” – Chris Tomlin, Passion: God of This City
“King of Majesty” – Hillsong London, Shout God’s Fame
“My Savior Lives” – New Life Worship, My Savior Lives
“Lift My Praise Up” – Citipointe Live, Anthem of Our Heart
“Tell the World” – Hillsong United, Look to You
“Break Free” – Hillsong United, With Hearts As One
“The Freedom We Know” – Hillsong, Mighty to Save
“Solution” – Hillsong United, With Hearts As One
“I Am Free” – Desperation Band, Rooftops
“My God” – Hillsong London, Shout God’s Fame
“Alive” – Hillsong Kids, Jesus is my Superhero (okay, Camille pointed out that this sounds like an Aqua song, but I’m a Kids Church teacher and we use this for Praise Dance, so I have a special love for this song…it makes me happy!)

I’d love to hear any other suggestions! :)


I really have no excuse not to run now, because my family has officially been bitten by the running bug. This is also my way of showing my support for my brother, because they’re finally opening his new brainchild, RUNNR, a running specialty store in Bonifacio High Street. It’s on that row near TGIFriday’s and Starbucks. Because I’m really ignorant when it comes to all the terms, just read this press release!

The first state-of-the-art concept store for running opens its doors on June 12 on Bonifacio High Street.  RUNNR is the first and only specialty store of its kind with all manner of runners in mind.

It will have the best running gear from all the top brands such as Adidas, Asics, Fuelbelt, Hammer, Mizuno, Nathan, New Balance, Nike, Polar and many more.  It will also be the first to launch the revolutionary line of Newton Running Shoes and CW-X compression apparel in the country.

RUNNR will feature an exclusive Footworx Fitting process that leads customers thru a comprehensive series of tests such as our Footprint Scan and High-Speed Video Gait Analysis. Plus we will be the first to offer Custom Insole Moulding in the store, while-you-wait.

RUNNR, thru the vision of its founder and avid runner Toby Claudio, has enlisted the services of the best in the fields of retail and running. Andy Niven, an elite runner who is an Ironman triathlon finisher is the man leading the team from RedGoods, a Hong Kong based retail entertainment design firm who did the design for the store. Niven has had more than 20 years’ experience managing broad-based retail and commercial design throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Asia for such clients as Disney and New Balance.

A team of highly trained and passionate staff will be equipped to analyze foot morphology using the Runnr Podoscope, which uses two combined features: a themodynamic scanning system for viewing the foot print and direct measurement of foot and arch dimensions  which determine foot type. The store is also equipped with the Professional High-Speed Video Gait analysis system to determine a person’s precise gait characteristics as he/she runs on a treadmill.

The RUNNR staff is also capable of recommending the proper footwear to suit the individual’s foot type, leg axis, and gait pattern based on the results of the video analysis. These customized services ensure that whatever one’s requirements as a runner, the shoes minimize foot instability for better absorption of shock, and minimize fatigue while maximizing energy transfer. There’s also the option to create a custom insole using the exclusive RUNNR “FlashFit” process that uses heat to create special insoles molded to the exact shape of any foot in just 10 seconds.  This machine won an innovation award for being the most creative invention for the running market in 2008.

Other running gear available at RUNNR include Fuelbelt and Nathan hydration packs, Polar heart-rate monitors, and will be the first to market the revolutionary line of Newton running shoes in the Philippines.

RUNNR specialty store is the only one in the country and in the world to incorporate all these products and services under one roof.

Visit RUNNR at building B3 of Bonifacio High Street.

The store has its soft opening tomorrow, June 12, so I do encourage you to check it out. Just pardon all the quirks that come with the opening week/s, because they’re still working on putting together all the different features of the store. Exciting!

Okay, plugging time, over. Haha. But seriously, I support my brother, and I’m really proud of him because running is really one his passions, and I’m glad to see this baby of his come to life. Yay! :)

#4: Podcasts

Sometimes, instead of listening to my Cardio Praise playlist, I opt to listen to a podcast. It helps me forget about the time because most of the podcasts I listen to go for at least 30 minutes. The insights are priceless, plus I really get encouraged and excited as well. Some of my top picks include Joel Osteen, Mars Hill Church: Mark Driscoll, John Eldredge and Ransomed Heart, North Point Ministries: Andy Stanley, Victory Fort, TEDTalks, Joyce Meyer, and the Catalyst podcasts.

Again, I welcome any other suggestions!

So there you have it! Those are my 4 great reasons to run…what are yours?

2 responses to “My 4 great reasons to start running!

  1. takebackthiscountry

    oohh this is awesome liz. i used to run cross country so this really caught my attention. I actually passed by runnr last week and found it interesting. – kris

  2. Great Post! RUNNR sounds fantastic.

    As we walk our feet go through some very complex changes we walk. They are fantastic feats of engineering! They need to be stable enough to take all of our bodyweight, then be flexible enough to adapt to the ground, and then become rigid enough to push us forward again, all of this in less than a second.

    A Gait Analysis can often diagnose problems with your feet and orthotics can be prescribed to restore your natural foot function.

    Good luck with your running!

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