Redeem the Airwaves 4.0 – Support a musically gifted scholar for P500 or $11! :)

I’ve often blogged about the super awesome kids from the Jesus Loves the Little Children Foundation, Inc (JLLCFI). I’ve been meeting with them at least once a month since January, and the more I spend time with them, the more I am amazed at their talents and potential.



They also helped us out at a Republikha workshop…
(Photo by JC VALENCIA…thanks, JC!)

While we were having some training sessions with them, I noticed that a lot of them loved music. So I asked Julie and Jose to come with me and talk to them about songwriting. During the sessions, we learned that they’re all musically gifted! Some of them are singers, some of them are musicians, some of them are songwriters, but we were pleasantly surprised to discover that all of them are REALLY amazing at what they do. You can trust us on this! :)

IMG_0525 IMG_2229
JULIANNE sampled her music…One of the JLLCF scholars, Peter, sampled his music, too!

This week (May 14-16), The Edge Media is producing the 4th REDEEM THE AIRWAVES (RTA) Conference:
rta small poster

I met the JLLCFI kids when The Edge did their Christmas outreach at the foundation. For this conference, The Edge is inviting people to support one of the ten JLLCFI kids as an RTA scholar for the special price of P500 or $11 (read Ron Titular’s blog here: If you’re interested in supporting a scholar, you can visit the RTA site or simply send me a message so I can contact The Edge and help process your donation. Your support will really be appreciated! :)

Meanwhile, if you’re interested in attending the Redeem the Airwaves Conference, check out the RTA website for more info! :)


One response to “Redeem the Airwaves 4.0 – Support a musically gifted scholar for P500 or $11! :)

  1. Hi Liz. I prayed about this and I know I will give some of my tithe to the kids.

    Send me a message na lang? :)


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