Superhero series: MANNY PACQUIAO

Today’s fight was simply awesome. GREAT JOB, Pacman!

I came across one of his entries on his online diary on Yahoo! Sports. I’m assuming this was actually an interview, like one of those, “as told by Manny Pacquiao” things…

Anyway, I wanted to highlight this part that made me tear up:

“Some people say that when I fight, there is no crime or violence back home, in the Philippines. If that’s true, I’d fight every day. I am proud of my country and I want to make my people proud of me. Anything I can do to help them, I will.”

You’re so cool, Manny. :)


One response to “Superhero series: MANNY PACQUIAO

  1. Liz,

    I am starting a blog about tithing. Kung may story ka share. Hehe. :)

    Wala lang. :)

    Ekay Puff

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