Praise report!

REPUBLIKHA, the NGO we put up that we’ve been working on since September, is up and running! We’re so happy and thrilled that Gino de la Paz, a great great great writer and a huge supporter of our cause (and one of my favorite people in the world) decided to write about us in his column today. Do check it out! Philippine Star, Supreme section, pages J1 and J3. Here’s a preview:

IMG_2645 IMG_2646

Please please go and find a paper a read it! I’ll post the bigger versions tomorrow, I just want you to go and see the real thing first. Haha!
THANK YOU to TEAM SUPREME and GINO DE LA PAZ (you are instrumental!), JC VALENCIA for the photos (thank you so so so very much), RED LOGO for the shirts, and Rivermaya, Salamin, Julianne, Barbie Almalbis, Gloc9, Joey Ayala, Brigada, Coffeebreak Island, Bituin Escalante, Peryodiko, Itchyworms, Radioactive Sago Project, Cynthia Alexander, Michael V, DJ Benjo Marquez, and all the other awesome artists who are going to be part of our first project/album (more names to be announced in the coming weeks)!

So please read the article, and please do spread the word…we’re looking for all the support we can get! :)

Join our Facebook group:

Check out our website:

Or just say a prayer for us. We’d love that, too. :-)

* * *

It doesn’t stop! We want to thank Ron and Owie of THE EDGE radio, too, for having us over as guests last night.


You guys are…AMAZING. ;-) You really really are. Thanks again for having us over and letting us talk about our project…we’re really grateful for the support. :)

* * *
In other news (not RepubLIKHA-related), this week, Trina, Jose, Camille, and I started a training program at the Young Focus Student Center in Tondo. It’s difficult to describe in one sentence, but we’re doing something like a life coaching program for high school and college scholars from the Smokey Mountain area–basically, helping them discover their talents, gifts, strengths, passions, etc., in order to encourage them to live more purposeful and passionate lives. :)



These are awesome people. Kwela. Masaya. Makulit. Smart. Wise. Talented. I’m eager to get to know them more. :-) We’ve got weekly training sessions with them for the rest of this month, so do keep praying for us!

Thank you to Alex and Ben Compton for opening that door and introducing us to Young Focus and thank you to the dedicated and inspiring Young Focus team (Sir Ronnel, Kuya Manuel, Grace, Mark, Tina).

Tondo is the place to be! :-)

* * *

And through it all…it’s God that makes all things possible. :) Thank you, Lord! :)


One response to “Praise report!

  1. So this is your NGO. :)

    Good luck. God indeed is a great boss though masyado akong bratty minsan.

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