God is the best boss ever.

I am so convinced…again! It’s amazing what happens when you put your life in God’s hands. He has proven it in my life yet again, and I am so, so grateful.

In the past month, I cleared my schedule of 90% of my previous work commitments because I felt I needed to. Once my contracts wrapped up, I made the difficult decision to move on, and I lessened my involvement in some of the stuff I was doing. And guess what happens:

  • I’ve been blessed with unexpected opportunities to host, speak, and teach in church (for kids church and the adults’ service)
  • I’m speaking at the Generation Congregation Youth Congress on Sunday about a topic that’s close to my heart
  • I’m giving a speech at the graduation rites of a high school in Nueva Ecija on March 27
  • I’m running a training program for high school students from Smokey Mountain in April
  • I’m also running another training program for youth offenders in the juvenile rehab center in Pasig this summer
  • and the Department of Education is getting us (i.e. Donita, Eric, Alex, and myself) to speak again in Baguio on April 27 (not sure if we’ll all be able to make it, though, but being invited is already such a blessing!)

All of these popped up in just the last month. I’m so humbled and in awe. God is so so so good!!! :)

I’m blogging this because I just want to encourage those who are afraid of stepping off the boat (especially when God is calling you to step out in faith)…I know it’s difficult, but just believe and TRUST Him! :) His will really IS far better than anything we can think of or imagine!

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